Top 10 Underappreciated Star Wars Characters

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a slew of fascinating characters, some human, some alien, all incredibly awesome. This month, we’re going to take a moment to appreciate whatever it was that these characters did.

#10: Malakili                         

At #10 is everyone’s favorite Rancor keeper, Malakili! What sets this master of Rancors apart is his sheer dedication. For him, caring for Rancors was not merely a profession, it was his life. This lovable, shirtless chap cared for the ghastly Rancor as if it was his only son, and when that grotesque and terrifying creature met its death at the hands of Luke Skywalker, it was Malakili who tearfully mourned its death like a man. Malakili has shown everyone what it is to love and lose so dear a loved one. R.I.P. treasured Rancor.

#9: Paodok’Draba’TakatSap’De’RektiNik’Linke’Ti’Ki’Vef’Nik’NeSevef’Li’Kek

Also known as Pao, (which is way less fun to say, right?) this fellow served as a brave member of the resistance faction that stole the Death Star plans. Mostly, this fine fighter is remembered for his incredibly long name. In fact, when cornered by stormtroopers, his comrades would show them his identification card, forcing them to pronounce his entire name. This gave them plenty of time to steal the Death Star plans, order take-out at McVader’s, win a few starship races, get married, have several children, start successful businesses, live to an old age, and die surrounded by their adoring families.

#8: Ponda Baba                            

Better known as Walrus Man, Ponda rose to fame for his one incredible act during A New Hope: losing his arm, demonstrating incredible bravery, or something. When Ponda walked into the cantina on that fateful day, he couldn’t have known that he would come face to face with Obi-Wan Kenobi, nor that he would give George Lucas the chance to flex his muscles in the realm of makeup artistry. I believe that we can all agree that his blood looked far from fake. Ponda Baba: trendsetter of the twentieth century.

#7: Willrow Hood                                       

Mr. Hood, affectionately known as “Ice Cream Maker Guy,” played an integral part in The Empire Strikes Back that many people fail to acknowledge. When Lando Calrissian called for the evacuation of Cloud City, it was Willrow who bravely struggled through the smoke to retrieve his most treasured possession: the ice cream maker (or at least that’s what we think it was). Then, in his crowning moment of glory, Willrow flew through the halls of Cloud City like a cheetah, his precious ice cream maker cradled in his arms. We can all agree – ice cream is worth it.

#6: Rose Tico                        

In The Last Jedi, there exists a certain character who many people dislike. What they all forget, however, is that this brave lass, Rose Tico, really did something in this movie. When Finn acted out of line, it was Rose who tasered him to the floor. When Finn ventured to Canto Bight, it was Rose who decided that riding Flathiers to freedom was a good idea. And when Finn was about to perform an incredible act of sacrifice by driving into a flaming canon, it was Rose who drove him out of harm’s way. Look at all the things she did! Round of applause.

#5: Aunt Beru                       

One of many martyrs at the hands of the Empire, Aunt Beru was not merely Luke Skywalker’s aunt, she was so much more. Along with her husband Owen, this pair worked tirelessly to farm some moisture from the very dry desert of Tatooine. Emphatically, she introduced us to the drink to revolutionize all drinks hereafter: blue milk. When she served up that cup of blueish mixture to her nephew Luke Skywalker, there was but one thought on all of our minds: when, where, and how can I get this incredible drink?

#4: Temiri Blagg                

Though only appearing in a couple scenes in The Last Jedi, Temiri Blagg, or Broom Boy as he is better remembered, showed us all that doing chores is really cool. Some may shun sweeping as the lamest of chores, but Temiri embraced it. For him it was more than a chore–It was his life, and basically all we saw him do in the movie apart from chatting with Finn and Rose for reasons yet unknown. But ultimately, when he wielded that broom like a young Jedi rising from the ashes, audiences realized what the “true meaning” of The Last Jedi was. Broom Boy is all of us…

#3: Jar Jar Binks                               

Did you have any real purpose in the franchise besides selling toys? No. Did you accomplish that purpose? Not really. Does that matter? Not a bit. From his humble beginnings on Naboo to his questionable role in the senate, Jar Jar was truly a character for the ages. If there is one character we can never get enough of if we truly ask ourselves, it is Jar Jar. Even after spending three movies and a TV series with him, we are left with so many questions. Did Jar Jar secretly do stand-up comedy? Was Jar Jar the real Sith Lord behind Darth Sidious? Did Jar Jar have a hidden talent for lacrosse? So many questions left unanswered!

#2: Every Single Battle Droid

Undoubtedly the most effective tools for keeping Jedi in line, Battle Droids have been maliciously maligned for years. These scrawny and frankly sickly-looking pieces of metal worked tirelessly for the trade federation, whose importance still remains a mystery to most viewers under the age of fifteen. But ultimately, they were there. These hallow, toothpick-like sticks walked onto that battlefield to their inevitable deaths, fighting for the cause of who knows what. They showed up, and no one can blame them for that. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your service Battle Droids. At least you tried…

#1: Kitster Chanchani Banai                                      Kitster |

When Anakin was a young, ostracized, conflicted, enslaved child living on Tatooine, few would approach this poor outcast, much less befriend him. However, there was one young man who towered above the rest, who gave our boy Ani a chance when no one else would. And this faithful lad was Kitster. Not much about his backstory is known, but kindness speaks for itself, ranking Kitster at #1. If nothing else, we remember him for his crowning moment of glory: when he valiantly missed that high five. He shall live forever in the hearts of those who knew him, which was probably just his parents and Anakin.

These characters may not have their own movies (yet), but their impact on the galaxy is indisputable. Our lives have been enriched just by watching them…

May the force be with you this summer! May you have a restful break, with your cravings for rankings fully satisfied.



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