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Open Mic: Kimberly Caylor’s Photography


Meet the Photographer

How old are you? 
I’m sixteen.
Where do you live?
I live in Tucson, Arizona, the land of dust, dirt, tall bushes that we call trees, and cacti.
What classes are you taking this year?
This year I am taking English 3 Confident Composition with Mr. Leonard and Graphic Arts with Mrs. Escalante.
What is your favorite thing about photography? 
Photography is a good way to capture the world around you while bringing physical memories to go with it. I really enjoy looking at pictures from when I was a kid or when my parents were my age, and I hope to have photos that I can pass down to my kids in the future. It’s fun to think that the photos I take may end up in a museum or may help the police solve a crime. Now, I know neither of those will probably happen, but its fun to think about.


  1. woah these are beautiful <3

  2. Seychelle Carter

    Wow, great job!! These were gorgeous photos <3333

  3. Always nice to see more great photos!

  4. These are beautiful!! I love the different angles!!

  5. Nice photos Kimberly! 😉

    • Thank you very much Stephen! I enjoyed taking them! Especially the ones of the bougainvillea because I had to stand in the center of them to take those photos and it was honestly super cool😆

  6. Nice! I also love taking photos too.

  7. Wow! Those are really pretty!

  8. samuel raccanello

    nice pics