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clay Public Relations Team Application 2021-2022

Hello Prospective Staff!

The PR team will be responsible for maintaining the social media accounts of clay (Instagram, Facebook, and the Forums). While the social media is directly tied to the magazine, posts will extend beyond current content. We have a vision to use social media to bring the clay community to life this year, and we’re looking for a group of creative individuals dedicated to doing this. If you’re interested in being a part of our PR team, please apply below. Applications are due on July 9, 2021. Have fun applying!

Mari Stanton and Julia Holmgren
2021-22 Senior Editors

PR Manager: This editor will be responsible for organizing the Public Relations team and editing their social media posts before they are published. While social media experience is highly recommended for this position, we are mainly looking for a creative individual who is dedicated to bringing awareness of clay to the broader TPS community. PR Managers will be working with designers, photographers, and writers to produce a cohesive image of clay.

Content Creators: There will be several content managers this year. These content creators will each be assigned a day of the week to post photos and graphics provided by the PR photographers and graphic designers, create captions, and work together to create a well-developed and fluid feed. As the face of the clay feed, the content managers will be required to provide professional and engaging posts.

Student Submission Coordinator: The Student Submission Coordinator will be responsible for managing an email account dedicated to receiving guest work for the clay social media accounts. He or she will communicate with guest photographers, designers, and artists to feature their work on the clay social media accounts. We are looking for a Student Submission Coordinator eager to find and showcase new work and talent on the clay social media accounts.

Engagement Manager: Our engagement manager will commit to consistently liking and commenting on the clay social media photos, as well as using the clay accounts to engage with the community.

PR Photographers: Although it’s certainly helpful if all Public Relations content managers have photography and design experience, the PR team needs enthusiastic, experienced, full-time photographers. Our PR Photographers will provide content managers with photos for social media posts. They will each be required to provide about eight to twelve high-quality and TPS-approved photos per month for the content managers to use in their social media posts.

PR Graphic Designer: The PR Graphic Designer will be responsible for working with clay’s content creators and photographers to provide unique and custom graphics to be used in the clay’s social media feed. The PR Graphic Designer will provide a few graphics per month for the content creators.  Applicants for this position should submit four to six samples of relevant graphic design work in their application. The PR Graphic Designer will also help the Senior Editors host and judge the annual TPS T-shirt design competition.

Social media experience is recommended, but not required to apply for Public Relations. All team members will receive training before the beginning of the school year.

PR Manager applicants: Please edit and turn in the following piece as you would for a content creator.

How To make you’re Life Perfect

A wealthy man walks out through the garden on his huge estate. He looks out over his ginormous property which he have worked for years, to purchase. After working and saving for decades, he now has a large sum of money saved, and he can purchase anything he desires. (I would buy a brand-new Tesla but idk about you!) However, something is missing. Something really really big. He feels a sence of emptiness as he thinks about his money and everything he has sacrificed for it’s sake. If only he had put half his wealth into GameStop; he would have so much more. A few miles away, a poor woman picks up odd jobs to make ends meat. As she returns to her tiny rundown shack at the end of each day she worries about putting food on the table, but her little house if filled with joy, her family she has twelve kids great her cheerfully and her dog runs around the house barking and she happily serve them with a grateful, beutifeaul, thankful, appreciative and gorgeous heart. What is the difference between the wealthy man and the poor woman? Why is He so miserable wallowing in his wealthy wealth while she is joyful? Is money the most significant factor in determining a peoples’ quality of life? Therefore, there are many stuffs that determine the quality of a person’s life: such as relationships, service, and attitudes, and I’m here to tell you how to make it perfect and amazing!

A person’s relationships with others can make a HUGE (and when i say huge i mean it 😆) impact on his quality of life. Family is very important in a person’s life and also in general. A family member can be the support a person will lean on during times of struggle, a trusted friend to share experiences with, and one who will never leave a person, even if their relationship is sometimes strained. Friends, or our crush(es), are also very important and can greatly effect a person’s life. Good friends will be share memorable experiences with a person, influencing his and her thinking and attitudes, and sometimes even become like a family member–they say friends are the family you choose I bet Harry Potter wished he could’ve chosen his actual family too lol.

A selfish person cannot and will never have a quality life. If 1 is always thinking about himself and herself, he and she will not have the ability to be serving others. If he and she maketh an effort to impact other people’s lifes, it will improve the qualite of his own life. Even if he does not want to make an effort to help other people at first or at 2nd, he will eventually find joy in making a difference in others’ lives because they should. He will also learn to be grateful for his blessings and learn not to take them fore granted like many of us childs do now a days.

Another important part in determining the awesomeness of y’all’s life is one’s attitude. If a person constantly has a negative and pessimissistic attitude and outlook on life, he will be unable to seek and find any joy. But if he is cheerful and has a positive and has a optimistic  attitude, he will be cheerful, bringing joy to himself and others yayyyyy. A persons attitude has a tremendously big influence on not only the quality of his own life but on otras vidas de las personas y animales, like cats and dogs, as well. 他の人にも優しくしましょう!Sei bitte nett zu anderen Leuten. Vielen Dank im Voraus. Gracias por su atención.

In conclusion, there are many things besides money and cash that determine the quality of a persons life. Like the car you get on your 16th bday or the dog your fourth cousin has!!! A person’s relationships with those humans and things around them can greatly influence his life, and her willingness to serve and good attitde makes a huge impact on the quality of his life. Just as a wealthy person can be unhappy, and a poor person can be happy, money makes little if any impact on the quality of your life, so choose really wisely. Moses, when he wrote Hebrews 13:5 wisely states: “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said “”I will never leave you nor forsake you”. (Hebrew, the Bible, ESV version) This bible Verse tells us to not earn money. Or else -, God won’t be there for us if we have too much money. Follow my advice, and your liife will be perfectly perfection and amazing and poggerz and awesomesauceeeee!!! Thanks for reading – have a great day: don’t forget to like, comment, and most importantly, subscribe!!! I love you all!! *hugs*

Work’s Sited:

Bible, the. Christ, Jesus. Hebrews 13:4.

Image credit: google images


  1. tps alumni won’t be able to apply, right?

    • Unfortunately not, you must be actively enrolled in TPS during the 2021-22 school year. TPS alumni can still submit to Open Mic though!

  2. For the photographer position, what kinds of photos would be needed? Scenery, ones with people, etc?