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clay Columnist/Editor Application 2021-22

Hello Prospective Staff!

Thank you for considering a position on the clay staff! We are excited to build a wonderful team with whom we can represent TPS to our community. We are looking forward to working with you over the coming year.

Please refer to the application below for details on each position and email with any questions or concerns. Applications are due on July 9, 2021.

Julia Holmgren and Mari Stanton
2021-2022 Senior Editors

A Note to Columnists:

Beginning in August, clay columnists write one 500-700 word article each month and submit it to their editors by the deadlines given. About a week before submission, writers will notify their editors concerning their intended topic. Depending on the column applied for, some articles may require time beyond brainstorming and writing, i.e. conducting interviews or research, so take all time requirements into account. Please don’t limit your applications to the columns we’ve listed. We are always looking for creative new ideas for a column (just include a short description of your plan when you apply). Please specify a single column you want to apply for.

A Note to Editors:

Editor positions are reserved for students 10th grade or higher with an appreciation for the correct mechanics of the English language and an ability to produce constructive criticism. Editors must have ready access to and availability over email to answer columnists’ questions, receive articles and topics, and send out deadline reminder emails. Please note your preferred section of choice.

A Note to Public Relations Team:

Public Relations applicants can apply through this link. Our Public Relations staff will post on clay’s social media accounts on a daily basis to engage with the TPS community, spread our message, and help us maintain a professional public image. We are looking for a Public Relations Manager, some Content Creators, an Engagement Manager, a few Photographers, a Graphic Designer, and a Student Selection Coordinator. For more information, please see the separate application above.

Have fun applying!


Theology & Worldview will include theological discussions, faith-strengthening arguments, and church history. We are excited to see how this column develops this year!

T&W Editor: The T&W editor will organize the following columnists:

Church History: Columns focusing on the historical side of the church from A.D. 50 to the present. This can include abridged biographies of early church leaders or other ideas left to the discretion of the writer. However, a balanced perspective would be necessary for the writer or writers of this section.

Apologetics: “Always be prepared to give an answer,” St. Peter told the church in his first epistle. Those words ring true today. This column is for equipping the saints to that end.

Bible Spotlight: Taking a more heartfelt approach, this column will feature devotions for daily life.

Christian Novella: Just like the Serial Story but from a biblical perspective.

Other: If you have an original idea for a Theology & Worldview column, let us know! We’re always open to suggestions!



The News Section will give educated analyses of recent news and cultural events, shedding light on lesser known events to bring student awareness to current issues. It’s not intended to be a breaking news section, but rather a thoughtful look at the modern world through a Christian worldview.

News Editor: The News editor(s) will organize the following columnists and may help provide article topics for certain columns if necessary:

Political Analysis: This column will take a non-partisan approach to the Western political sphere in a time when the political climate has become increasingly toxic. The writer will follow political trends primarily in the U.S. and other Western nations.

International News: Intended to offer a global perspective, this column gives insight into current affairs around the world.

International Correspondence: This column has a bit more flexibility. It can range from focused news reports to more thoughtful cultural analysis from all over the world.

Science & Technology: This columnist will write engaging articles about the latest innovations in scientific and technological fields.

Other: We’d love to cover other news topics and current events, from engineering to business to economics. If you have an original idea for a News column, let us know!



Combining abstract artistic pursuits with art’s technicalities and even some international culture, A&C will be clay’s creative anchor this year.

A&C Editors: The A&C editor(s) will organize the following columnists:

Serial Story: This column features a unique, meaningful novella issued chapter-by-chapter. Applicants with strong creative writing skills should submit a sample story and an outline of their serial story plan for the September-May issues.

Photography: Featuring photographer interviews, technical exposés, and creative inspiration, the photography column will contain a wide range of information for both amateur and experienced TPS photographers. Additionally, the photography columnist will host the annual TPS photography competition. Applicants for this column should submit a sample article as well as examples of their own photography.

Fashion: If you have a knack for finding classy clothing, try sharing some tips with your fellow TPSers. Explore the wide variety of topics included in fashion, from girls’ and guys’ clothing to aesthetic theory.

Film: The film columnist writes reviews of recent or classic PG-rated films through an insightful, artistic lens.

Cooking/Baking: The food columnist writes on delightful dishes and posts recipes for them.

Poetry: This column spotlights a variety of poetry and poets from a variety of literary genres.

Theatre: Covering anything from the latest on Broadway to tips for drama students, the theatre columnist should be aware of current events in the theatre world. Prior stage experience is a plus but not required!

Music: The music columnist has quite a bit of flexibility in covering important events in music news. For example, the death of a famous musician, music awards ceremonies, specific artists or albums, and music history can be covered in this column. The music columnist will also help the Senior Editors host and judge the annual GP7 music competition.

Books: This column consists of book reviews and book-related news, including analyses of recent publications and bestsellers, the-film-versus-the-book, or book recommendations.

Other: Feel free to apply with an original idea for an A&C column!



We hope to give creative, meaningful insight into the TPS community through the Spotlight Section. Columnists will use their communication skills to interview and research a variety of subjects.

Spotlight Editor: The Spotlight editor will organize the following columnists:

Girls’ Student Spotlight: As the title implies, this female columnist will interview a TPS student every month and write about her life, interests, and personality.

Guys’ Student Spotlight: This column is just like the girls’ spotlight, except for guys.

Alumnus Spotlight: The alumnus columnist interviews a TPSer and writes about his or her life after TPS. This columnist could write about the graduate’s favorite TPS memories, their current and future plans for college and beyond, etc.

Teacher Spotlight: The Teacher Spotlight columnist will interview a TPS teacher each month and write about his or her life and experiences with TPS, helping students get to know their instructors a bit more.

Class Spotlight: This column features a wide variety of classes (Literature, Science, etc.) over the course of the year, explaining the syllabus and the learning/teaching style of the class, teacher, etc.

College & Career Spotlight: From tips for winning scholarships to unique and trending careers, this columnist will write insightful, engaging articles to help inform students about their future education. Applicants for this position must be in the 11th grade or higher.

Story Spotlight: Do you have a story that’s your go-to to break the silence in awkward situations? A memory that immediately comes to mind when people ask for your more embarrassing moment? Stories are what make us us, so we want to feature some of the best this year. The story spotlight columnist will go on the hunt for 1-2 really good stories–may they be funny, sad, or serious–each month and share them in their article.

Other: We’d love to hear any original ideas you have for the Spotlight column when you apply!



Everyone needs a good laugh at some point during the long school year, and the Humor section is one of the best places for TPSers to find something to chuckle at. Creative new comedy ideas are welcome!

Humor Editor: The Humor editor will organize the following columnists:

Humor Columnist: If you have a creative idea to brighten a TPSer’s day and a good sense of humor, try sharing it with the whole school through the humor column. For examples of creative humor articles, here’s a link to a humor competition from several years ago (

Cartoonist: If you have a knack for sketching and making people laugh, you might want to apply as a cartoonist. Instead of writing samples, applicants should submit two cartoon panels and an explanation of their column’s theme or characters.

Satire: We’re looking for a dry, humorless writer who can deliver such poor writing as to make us cry out in agony.

Other: If you have any other ideas for a Humor column, let us know!



The Open Mic section gives a voice to all students and alumni who are not full-time columnists with clay. We encourage TPSers to write and submit guest work for clay!

Open Mic Editor: The Open Mic editor(s) will be responsible for managing an email account dedicated to receiving guest work for clay. He or she will edit guest submissions for grammar and clarity and post them on clay after they are received. We are looking for an editor eager to find and showcase new voices and talents on clay.

Please use the following editing sample for editor applicants:

How To make you’re Life Perfect

A wealthy man walks out through the garden on his huge estate. He looks out over his ginormous property which he have worked for years, to purchase. After working and saving for decades, he now has a large sum of money saved, and he can purchase anything he desires. (I would buy a brand-new Tesla but idk about you!) However, something is missing. Something really really big. He feels a sence of emptiness as he thinks about his money and everything he has sacrificed for it’s sake. If only he had put half his wealth into GameStop; he would have so much more. A few miles away, a poor woman picks up odd jobs to make ends meat. As she returns to her tiny rundown shack at the end of each day she worries about putting food on the table, but her little house if filled with joy, her family she has twelve kids great her cheerfully and her dog runs around the house barking and she happily serve them with a grateful, beutifeaul, thankful, appreciative and gorgeous heart. What is the difference between the wealthy man and the poor woman? Why is He so miserable wallowing in his wealthy wealth while she is joyful? Is money the most significant factor in determining a peoples’ quality of life? Therefore, there are many stuffs that determine the quality of a person’s life: such as relationships, service, and attitudes, and I’m here to tell you how to make it perfect and amazing!

A person’s relationships with others can make a HUGE (and when i say huge i mean it 😆) impact on his quality of life. Family is very important in a person’s life and also in general. A family member can be the support a person will lean on during times of struggle, a trusted friend to share experiences with, and one who will never leave a person, even if their relationship is sometimes strained. Friends, or our crush(es), are also very important and can greatly effect a person’s life. Good friends will be share memorable experiences with a person, influencing his and her thinking and attitudes, and sometimes even become like a family member–they say friends are the family you choose I bet Harry Potter wished he could’ve chosen his actual family too lol.

A selfish person cannot and will never have a quality life. If 1 is always thinking about himself and herself, he and she will not have the ability to be serving others. If he and she maketh an effort to impact other people’s lifes, it will improve the qualite of his own life. Even if he does not want to make an effort to help other people at first or at 2nd, he will eventually find joy in making a difference in others’ lives because they should. He will also learn to be grateful for his blessings and learn not to take them fore granted like many of us childs do now a days.

Another important part in determining the awesomeness of y’all’s life is one’s attitude. If a person constantly has a negative and pessimissistic attitude and outlook on life, he will be unable to seek and find any joy. But if he is cheerful and has a positive and has a optimistic  attitude, he will be cheerful, bringing joy to himself and others yayyyyy. A persons attitude has a tremendously big influence on not only the quality of his own life but on otras vidas de las personas y animales, like cats and dogs, as well. 他の人にも優しくしましょう!Sei bitte nett zu anderen Leuten. Vielen Dank im Voraus. Gracias por su atención.

In conclusion, there are many things besides money and cash that determine the quality of a persons life. Like the car you get on your 16th bday or the dog your fourth cousin has!!! A person’s relationships with those humans and things around them can greatly influence his life, and her willingness to serve and good attitde makes a huge impact on the quality of his life. Just as a wealthy person can be unhappy, and a poor person can be happy, money makes little if any impact on the quality of your life, so choose really wisely. Moses, when he wrote Hebrews 13:5 wisely states: “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said “”I will never leave you nor forsake you”. (Hebrew, the Bible, ESV version) This bible Verse tells us to not earn money. Or else -, God won’t be there for us if we have too much money. Follow my advice, and your liife will be perfectly perfection and amazing and poggerz and awesomesauceeeee!!! Thanks for reading – have a great day: don’t forget to like, comment, and most importantly, subscribe!!! I love you all!! *hugs*

Work’s Sited:

Bible, the. Christ, Jesus. Hebrews 13:4.

Image credit: google images


  1. Question: for the columnist applicants, can the academic paper just be any essay I’ve written for English class over the past year?

  2. *glances at editors’ essay* *cries out in pain* Y’all should get a salary just for having to edit that monstrosity XD.

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  4. Is the Christian Novella supposed to just have a biblical message and point or is it supposed to be Biblical fiction (like from a time period in the Bible)?

    • Hello! The Christian Novella can be either of those (Biblical message or Biblical fiction) or both!

  5. OMIGOSH I CAN’T WAIIIIT!! Hopefully this year I’ll remember to get my application in on time lolz

  6. ok so i have a question, if i apply for the music column and get in then how much time do I have to put in for organizing the music competition? like, will I be entirely responsible for it?

    • Hi Jane! The music columnist won’t be responsible for organizing the music competition, but they will help with the judging. This will take approximately 2-4 hours (=

  7. The application says to upload a sample of an article you would write for the column, so how would that work for a Spotlight article?

    • you’d want to write an article “interviewing” someone/something (depending on what ur spotlighting) as an example piece for what your work would look like.

    • Hey Hadleigh! We would recommend that you interview a friend or family member, or you may “interview” a made-up person for the purpose of the sample article. We are mainly looking at the style and quality of your writing :))

  8. So for the serial story or the Christian novella, you have to submit an outline as well as a sample, so what would the outline look like? Would it just be what you plan to do with the story as it develops? Sorry I don’t understand…

  9. Also (ahhhhh!) that essay… It makes me want to scream and laugh at the same time!

  10. “Editors: Please submit one recent academic writing sample and edit the following piece as you would for one of your columnists.”

    Just to clarify, does the “recent academic writing sample” refer to the piece titled “How To make you’re Life Perfect” listed below?

    • Hey Katie! Nope, the recent academic writing sample is one of your own essays that you’ve written this past year. If you’re applying for an editor position, you’ll edit the “How To make you’re Life Perfect” essay as well. I’m so sorry that your application disappeared when you reloaded your tab :\\

  11. I wrote my entire application (except for submitting the file), then… I reloaded the tab. And. All. My. Hard. Work. Was. Destroyed. noooooo

    • Hey Katie! I would recommend typing up your application this time in a Word or Google doc and then copying and pasting it into the form–that way you have a backup in case something happens :))

  12. after editing that thing I may be scarred for life O-o

  13. Hello?
    So when I take the statement of faith, do I, like, raise my right hand and say a pledge and place my left hand on a bible or something? How do I take the statement of faith?
    Thank you

  14. ok so sorry i have another question, would it be possible for me to write the things for the column i’m applying for in the summer so that I can save more time during the school year? I’ve heard that you need the editors to approve your topic before writing, so Idk…

    • Hi Jane! Ideally, you would be writing your articles throughout the school year so that you can work more closely with your section editor. However, you can certainly brainstorm topics and ideas over the summer!