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2021 clay Photography Competition Winners!

Hello TPSers!

Here are the winners for the 2021 clay Photography Competition! More than forty talented photographers submitted their amazing works this year, and we’ve received more than two hundred votes in total. Thank you to everyone who participated! And congratulations to the winners!



Winner: “Bursting Forth” by Pia O.



Winner: “Forlorn and Forgotten” by Rachel Beth H.



Winner: “Mesmerized” by Judah Jore



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  1. Astonishing job everyone! (also, first) idk if that’s a big clay thing

  2. Great job, Pia O. and Judah Jore, with your photos!! They are beautiful! Also, great work to everyone who submitted into this competition.

  3. great job Pia, Judah, Rachel Beth, and everyone else who entered the competition! y’all did amazing!! (:

  4. awesome job, rachel beth and judah! y’all’s photos were amazing!

  5. PIA!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEE GJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. David Wollschlager

    Great joy guys! These are really good.

  7. Great job everyone! Your pictures where awesome!

  8. Wow! Those are amazing pictures! Great job!

  9. GJ Pia, Sarah, and Judah! Those are amazing photos

  10. GJ everybody

  11. Laura Cervantez

    Yesss congrats to the three of you! These were so great 😀

  12. Great job everybody!

  13. “Mesmerized” was rly mesmerizing. gr8 job! (is that a tire?!?)
    the land scape was rly cool!
    I like the name “Forlorn and Forgotten”. it is dramatic and matches the photo

  14. YES! Great job you guys, these pictures are amazing!

  15. Wow these are beautiful!! Great job everybody🙃

  16. Congrats! These are absolutely stunning!

  17. Share* 🤦‍♂️😊

  18. Elizabeth Palacios

    Ahh amazing job Pia, Rachel Beth, and Judah!!

  19. awesome job everybody!

  20. wow! stunning photos everyone and great job to the winners!

  21. Congratulations, Pia, Rachel Beth, and Judah! Your photos were all fantastic.

  22. Sarah Beth Housworth

    great job to the winners! I loved all of them though!

  23. ayyy congrats winners! great job to the rest too :)) all of your photos were amazing!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻