Meet Mr. M: The Internationally-Known Teacher

Disclaimer: Micky Mouse quotes herein belong to Disney. 

I look through the list of teachers I would like to interview, and Mr. M is written at the top of the list. Skimming through Mr. M’s short biography, I notice a few fun facts about him. He has visited most continents, such as Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America. Winning awards is nothing new to him either. Amusingly, his initials are M.M. I definitely am looking forward to this interview. Through email, we arrange a meeting time and location and come to the conclusion that the Clubhouse would do just fine. 

Mr. Mouse: Hiya, pal! Welcome to the castle! I’m Mickey! It sure is great that you could join us.

Erika: Castle? Are we not in the Clubhouse? And, of course, it is my pleasure to get to know you better, Mr. Mouse. 

Mr. Mouse: I like to refer to the Clubhouse as my castle. 

Erika: Ah, interesting. Now, let us get back on track. Thank you so much, Mr. Mickey Mouse, for your willingness to be interviewed. For the first question, what led you to teach at TPS? 

Mr. Mouse: Minnie… Do you know Minnie? She used to be a teacher here, and she loved her experiences at TPS. When I was lookin’ for something to fill my time, Minnie suggested I try teaching. Thank the Lord, I got accepted to teach at TPS, and I wouldn’t trade it for any other school. 

Erika: What classes do you teach in TPS? 

Mr. Mouse: I teach AP Goofing and How to Make Kids Laugh (two-day class). 

Erika: So cool, I was checking out those classes earlier and am planning on taking them soon. What do you like best about these two classes?

Mr. Mouse: Proverbs 17:22 says, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” I thoroughly enjoy watchin’ students know their worth and stay joyful throughout. Through AP Goofing, they can find new ways to spread joy to others. How to Make Kids Laugh definitely shows off the importance of being joyful.

Erika: Lovely! Do you have any interesting stories from teaching? 

Mr. Mouse: Once, a class got slightly off-track because the students couldn’t understand the simple phrase, “hot dog.” Man, they kept on thinkin’ that I was saying, “Hat Dock.” I tried drawin’ it out for them, but they apparently failed at Charades too. We argued over the phrase for five minutes before I had the brilliant idea to spell the phrase out on the whiteboard, ya know? Phew, they finally got it, but they burst out laughin’ immediately as well. Till this day I don’t know if they were laughin’ at themselves. 

Erika: Oh my! That is most definitely an interesting story! Where do you currently live?

Mr. Mouse: Mouseton, Mickeysota

Erika: Do you have a favorite sport? 

Mr. Mouse: Say, are ya familiar with football? They use this weird ball–it isn’t even round! If I had to describe it, I’d say it’s kinda almond-shaped. Me, I just love football–watchin’ it and playin’ it! I was thinkin’ of gettin’ a little practice in, but I can’t find my ball anywhere. So I decided to make my own football from scratch! Right now, I’m still at the material-gatherin’ stage.

Erika: That is very cool! What is your favorite season? 

Mr. Mouse: Gotta love spring weather! Those warm spring winds make me all toasty inside!

Erika: Who are some of your greatest encouragers in life? 

Mr. Mouse: Donald and…

Erika: Sorry, quick interruption. Donald… as in? 

Mr. Mouse: Huh? Oh no, not the Donald that you are thinking about. Donald, the duck! And of course, there’s Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, and my dog, Pluto. 

Erika: Of course, of course, I was mistaken. Such a great thing to have so many encouragers around you! Next question, would you rather a car or a motorcycle? 

Mr. Mouse: A car! Cars are so fun, aren’t they? I just love ’em! In fact, I bet I could look at ’em all day! Too bad I can’t have a real car at my place…not enough space! It’d sure be nice if I could find some kinda neat car figurine or somethin’, though! Do ya know where I could find somethin’ like that?

Erika: I am sorry, I do not know. Perhaps you could check out Mousie’s Toys? Last question, what is a phrase of encouragement you would give to anyone? 

Mr. Mouse: Ya got this one for sure! By the way, did ya know that April Fool’s just passed? 

Erika: I sure do. A belated Happy April Fool’s to you as we end off this interview! I hope to continue seeing you teach at TPS in the years to come! 

Mr. Mouse: Thanks! That means a lot! Mickey Mouse, signing off.


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  1. Nice to meet you, Mr. M! I look forward to taking your classes.

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    Hot dog!!! gj

  5. I honestly thought this was an article about my teacher Mr. Michael xD
    Though Mr. Michael has been known to shout out “HoT dOg” in the middle of class…*thinks*

  6. never knew Mickey Mouse referred to his clubhouse as a castle 🤣🤣🤣

    • haha i don’t think he does? but then again, i didnt really watch mickey mouse growing up hehe.
      i just found that castle quote online and decided to tie it with mickey mouse calling his clubhouse the castle.

  7. idk why I thought this article was about Mr. Mailand xD