Girls’ Spotlight: Seychelle Carter

For April, I interviewed a well-known student – Seychelle Carter, hailing from the largest Cook Island in the South Pacific, Rarotonga. She’s aged fifteen and in tenth grade, taking College and Career Planning along with English 3 Literature and Composition at TPS this year. She doesn’t have any siblings, she tells me – not by blood, anyway, but she gives me the names of the four girls she considers her “sisters” – Diana Montenegro, Teryn Orth, Aspen Fleming, and Corabeth Pierce. Her personality type is ESFP-T, the Entertainer, matched by the words she describes herself as – vivacious, kindhearted, and always sleepy. Her favorite movies are The Fellowship of the Ring and Avengers: Endgame. Her favorite color is blue, and her favorite food is pasta chicken. She loves summertime and horses. Her favorite band is Hillsong Young & Free, and her favorite artists are Riley Clemmons, Alec Benjamin, and Tate McRae, with her favorite song being “Hold On” by Riley Clemmons. Her favorite subject is English (and she dislikes science). She likes writing, singing, reading, talking to her friends, listening to music, napping, traveling, and photography.

Seychelle’s hidden talents are that she can memorize songs really quickly, especially if they’re in foreign languages, and she can also tell if rain is coming by sniffing the air. She’s known for writing and posting fanfiction on Forums – something I can back up. I’ve read her fanfictions, and she’s a wonderful writer (go check them out if you can). She is also known for being an absolute fangirl over Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Marvel – she’s Team Iron Man, Han Shot First, and no, the eagles could not have taken the ring to Mordor! In regard to her famous accent, she says it’s rather obvious that she’s a New Zealander. She finished second in an open women’s 750-meter ocean swim competition in the 2020 Cook Island Games – an impressive achievement. She has visited England and France, along with Australia and New Zealand.

Seychelle has two dogs, Gracie and Griffie, and a cat, Mollie. Most importantly, she has four goats with the wonderful names of Billie, Lexie, Paige, and Mistie. She speaks three languages – English, German, and Sindarin, Tolkien’s language from The Lord of the Rings – which is an incredible ability. She plays guitar, sails, participates in triathlons, and swims.

I asked her what her flaws and strengths were from her personal viewpoint, and her answer is repeated verbatim here.

 Oh boy. Flaws – I have a tendency to 100% trust someone even if I barely know them, I can be a bit of grammar nazi, I’m too vulnerable and open with people, and the list goes on. Strong points – I’m patient and can motivate myself to get up, clean the house, and do my schoolwork, although it took forever to train myself to do that.

She wants to be able to earn an A in science someday, attempt to get first place in the 2021 Round Rarotonga Road Race’s ten-kilometer walk, finish a Lord of the Rings work in progress she’s been working on since 2018, and start researching how to drive so she can take the test as soon as she turns sixteen. Seychelle is planning to pursue a degree in psychology, a subject that she just very recently decided on and is very excited about now. Before college, however, she’d love to travel to Europe and visit all of her overseas friends.

She laughed as she told me her most embarrassing memory. It’s probably one of her family’s favorite stories to tell and regards the time she vomited in a department store’s changing room.

Her favorite Bible verse is 1 Timothy 4:12 – “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”



  1. ooo i didn’t know you’re an esfp-t! that’s awesome! I’m an esfp-t, too, haha. and “avengers: endgame” is one of my favorites, as well!
    great spotlight, Christine!

  2. Christine, you did a great job!!! Thank you so much for doing this :))

  3. lovedddd getting to know you, seychelle! and christine, impeccable job, as always.
    im an E something something too… so basically twinsies! lol

    • oh really??? I’m finding loads of people with similar personality types today! this is so cool ahaha

  4. I loved getting to know you better, Seychelle! I didn’t know you wanted to study psychology! I want to go into that field as well. Also, one of my best friends is an ESFP-T!
    Great article, Christine! (=

  5. Ahhh I also tend to trust people completely when I first meet them…
    I can’t say I relate with the patience… I only have patience for animals… humans don’t deserve my patience
    Great article! I enjoyed reading it.

  6. SHELLLLL *tackle hugs* how did I not know that we have the same personality type?!? Also that line about sisters made me melt T-T I’ll be back on hangouts and PS and everything after finals are over, so we can start calling again! Love you with all my heart and give my love to the others! *goes to start bashing face into hw again*

  7. hello seychelle! you’re a hero of mine as a writer and fangirl (: it was great to see more sides of you through this article! (team iron man all the way!) Do you ever make up your own languages?

    • awww i am?? that means so much – thank you!!! (YES TEAM IRON MAN! lol they’re few and far between on TPS xD).Occasionally, I do if I’m writing in my own world/universe. I’m not very good though haha.

      Do you write??

  8. Also Shell hOw is Endgame your favorite movie, just hOw… *retreats behind couch in tears over EG flashbacks*

    • I have no ideaaaaa lol. It just broke me but I loved it xDDD. Ya know, maybe it was hug between Tony and Peter that we all deserved 😭😭😭😭 ~also goes behind couch and comforts sister~

      • penguiny you’re alive???!!?

        • PHIPPP I AM ALIVE JUST BARELY my dad surprised me by changing the password to my hangouts account and removing the phone from my possession for the duration of finals and I haven’t been able to tell anyone why I’m gone or that I’m alive O_O but I’ll be back there and on Squishy and on PS after all the insanity of finals ends! *has been sadful at night with no hangouts and PS to keep me awake* *would be writing letters incessantly except I only have one person’s address memorized*

          • O.O i’m glad you’re okay. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you for ages T-T

            (what’s Squishy? lol)

            ahaha yesss write letters lol

          • Wait, you write letters too?!!! We must discuss that when you get back on hg :)))

          • @shell T-T yup I’m mostly alive and ikr it’s been forever (eheheh I’ll tell you about Squishy when I’m back on hg) also can you tell Dee that I’m alive?? And muindor too if you can? I haven’t been able to track either of them down in yearbook comments or on here and they’re likely to worry *feels bad for disappearing with no trace* *sighs in the general direction of parental unit*

            @katherine yesss letters are amazing, we shall definitely discuss this when I return >=)

          • Of course!! I’ll tell them rn <33

          • tysm T-T <33

          • oof i figured something like that happened. 🙁

            lol do you have my address?

          • Excellent question, that depends on if I have it on the corner of an envelope since I don’t have my phone…I have Nat’s from his letters…I have muindor’s…I think I have Shell’s?…yes I have yours! *adds your name to my mental list of people to write to* lets see how many letters I can shoot off in the next day or so

          • ahaha oki then xD

            ~i should write back ig xD~

          • lol yes you should definitely do that especially now that you have so much time on your hands now that there aren’t any study calls distracting you XD

          • I think I have all of you guys’ addresses xDDD

          • Yesss write to us! <33

      • Agh yes that hug was honestly perfection *sobs into shoulder* I prefer Av1 and CW tho *cof Clint cof Bucky*

  9. ITS SEYCHELLLLEEE *waves enthusiastically*

  10. Seychelle!! *waves* I learned some more things about you :)) *starts singing “getting to know you, getting to know all about you* (King & I reference, the music nerd in me has surfaced once again xD). Congratulations on your swim competition! That’s quite impressive 🙂

  11. Seychelle!!! Woah, you have some crazy hidden talents o.0
    Welp, I’ve barely gotten to know you, but I’ve loved the few conversations that we’ve had and I hope we can chat more over the summer!! Good luck with your finals!!!

    • haha not really xDDDD

      Same!! Yes, we definitely need to chat more.

      Thank you!! you too haha

  12. hey! Im australian! So cool! O you know the town/city Bundaberg

  13. AWW SHELL T-T the line where you mention all of us as sisters made my heart meltttt T-T
    Ah!! I didn’t know you liked Hillsong Young & Free that much!! (I also enjoy their music :DD) AHH YES GOOD JOB FOR DISLIKING SCIENCE >=DD Oh my word, seriously? That’s amazing that you can memorize songs so quickly xD I’m so jealous!! Such an amazing talentttt (well, nvm, I already knew my beautiful sister was so talented)
    :DD AHh and yess I most definitely agree that you are a most wonderful writer :DD
    Awww I love all your pets’ namesss and Gracie is beautiful x)