A Loony Year

Disclaimer: The following article is satire and should not be taken as an official news story.

S-s-s-s-so anyways I just woke up one d-d-d-day and whadda you know? Everyone t-t-t-talking about an extra long spring break. Well now lemme tell ya something, boy w-w-w-was I jubilant! More time to reh-reh-reh-relax, and take it easy, really unwind from the l-lu-l-long stressful duh-duh-days that I had endured. Everyone s-s-said this vuh-vuh-virus couldn’t m-m-make it from China to A-A-America, and would n-n-never have any effects on me or anyone I know! So I thought, but b-buh-by golly I was wrong!

Th-th-the beginning was quite fun, I d-d-do recall, spending my duh-duh-days with buh-buh-Bugs, and da-da-Dafy and pursuing my sweet sweet Petunia. D-d-driving around, listening to records, but now, itโ€™s been months since w-w-we were in person at L-L-Looniversity; I really do m-m-miss teaching in person. Anyways, after a fu-full year, I am really quite getting si-si-sick of it. It seems like it was just yesterday that we could all go out an-an-and live our normal lives w-w-without these pestering masks, but I guess th-this is the new normal.

Any-who, I heard t-t-talks of a new strain of the v-v-virus, but that d-d-did not seems to c-c-come to fruition, still the s-s-same ol same ol. When t-t-they first talked about it, t-t-they made it seem as if t-t-this new strain would not b-b-be affected by the v-v-vaccine, but luckily the v-v-vaccine seems to b-b-be doing its job pretty well! I h-h-have heard some stories about b-b-bugs getting really quite ill from it, but t-t-there were no lasting affects, just a few s-s-sick days.

H-h-however, given that a year ago t-this m-m-month I deem it appropriate to r-r-reflect on this past c-c-Covid-19 riddled year. In its p-p-prime, Covid was on a rampage, hospitals w-w-were f-f-filled to the brim with all folks, and it s-s-seemed that we were under attack b-b-by a new plague. It was quite refreshing t-t-to s-s-see people coming t-t-together d-d-during these trying times, and it was indeed e-e-espicially touching to see how many h-h-health care workers ruh-uh-rushed to the front lines during their call to action.

A-a-although many have suffered d-d-during this trying time, i-i-it is important to note the brightside o-o-of things, seeing as it seems as if w-w-we are on the last hurrah of this whole covid sh-sh-shabang, with the vaccine being out and all. Well anyways, thats a y-y-year in recap, and t-t-thats all folks!

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