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2021 clay Photography Competition: Vote Now!

Hello TPSers!

The voting for the 2021 clay Photography Competition opens now! With the help from the Senior Editors, we have selected the top five from each of the three categories, landscape, portrait, and macro, and you get to vote for the winners! Thank you to all the photographers for submitting your amazing works, and congratulations to the fifteen nominees! Hope y’all enjoyed shooting!

Please vote for one picture per category. The voting period is one week and closes on April 30th. There will be one winner for each category, and they will be announced on May 3rd.

As a notice, the numbers for each picture are not an indication of ranking by any means. They are merely there to help identify the photos in the voting form. The voting link is at the end of the article.

Here are the submissions of the nominees! Enjoy voting!



1. by Corban Aden


2. by Eugene Nugent


3. “A Very Cloudy Day” by Micah Glorioso


4. “Bursting Forth” by Pia O.


5. “Sun or Moon?” by Yeeun Kim



1. “Dream” by Anna Webel


2. by Elizabeth Ann McCord


3. “Dream” by Micah Gebert


4. “Through the Looking Glass” by Peri Manwell

“This photo was a self-portrait taken from above while I laid on a mirror that reflected the sky and trees above me. I took this photo by using my shoe as a focus point then using the timer option on my camera to give me time to lie down under the tripod. I wanted to capture a dreamy and motionless feel so that it looked like I was floating!”


5. “Forlorn and Forgotten” by Rachel Beth H.



1. “Dew Drops in the Morning” by Darby Nugent


2. “A Cup of Espresso” by Emily Wilhelm

“Here is a shot of espresso surrounded by Peruvian coffee beans. I took this picture at Caleo Café, a local coffee shop, that is known for its Peruvian coffee.”


3. “Mesmerized” by Judah Jore


4. by Julia Baker


5. by Miriam Corbett

“Honeybee collecting nectar from a cherry blossom.”


Cast your vote here:

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  1. I cant see the photos unfortunately 🙁 I’m sure they are all lovely!

  2. Sorry everybody! There seems to be a problem with the clay website right now. None of the pictures is showing, and the formatting for the website is all messed up. Our team is trying to get it fixed as soon as possible.

  3. i cant see anything either what happened to clay? i liked the old one

  4. I can see the photos, but my formatting is messed up, so I’m gonna wait till its fixed to vote, so that nothing goes wrong there.

  5. I don’t know if its just me, but i can’t see any of the pictures…even after reloading the page a few times

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  9. amazing job y’all! this was suchhh a hard decision. you guys are all awesome photographers!

  10. @clay people: it looks like there’s an issue with one or more of your styling documents.
    @everyone else:
    I vote for:
    4. “Through the Looking Glass” by Peri Manwell

  11. ahh the photos are so, so gorgeous! great job to those who submitted, and congratulations to those who made the top five in each category!

  12. Can you all see the photo’s now? mine is still blank…?

    • hii you’ll be able to see the article if you have a wordpress account. for some reason, the issues are only experienced by those that arent logged in to wordpress : )

  13. adfjjgj so good y’all!

  14. wow These are so good. Good job everybody.

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  16. Will the photos be uploaded somewhere else, for those of us who don’t have WordPress?

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    We’re sorry for the recent issues clay has been experiencing. Due to unexpected and unfortunate circumstances, we are halting the voting momentarily until the issue is fixed. We will post an announcement on clay with the voting date extension once clay’s issues have been resolved. Please be on the look out for it!

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    2020-2021 Senior Editors

  19. Wow, these are so Amazing. Through the looking glass is especially creative

  20. David Wollschlager

    My CLAY is back to normal now. Great job guys!

  21. I voted Monday do I need to re-vote?

  22. Can you vote for yourself? Though I’m not sure I will even even if it’s legal, all the others are amazing. Especially Eugene Nugent’s.

  23. Oh my word, so many stunning photos! I love it! Well done! 🙂

  24. clay is fixed! Sorry for having you guys waiting so long! The voting is reopened, and the deadline is extended to next Friday, April 30th. Enjoy voting!

  25. Elizabeth Palacios

    Wowww!! Amazing job everyone!

  26. Wow, these are b e a u t i f u l. I feel transported! Great job guys!

  27. Avonmore Wheatley :) ;) XD XP

    YEA!!! clay is back. these pics are great so creative. gj ya’ll

  28. these are all so beautiful and creative, great job everyone!

  29. Wow! These are all so beautiful!! Great job everybody!!

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  31. wow, i am definitely an amateur! D:

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  33. All the pictures are awesome and creative!

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