The Canine Hall of Fame

As the old saying goes, dogs are a rotisserie chicken’s best friend. Or something like that. However much cat lovers might protest, they truly are the best of pets—and since April is dog appreciation month, it seems fitting to put some pups in the spotlight. I give you… the Canine Hall of Fame! 


Name: Lucy

Nickname: Gahoole

Breed: Australian shepherd 

Born: Spring 2015

Home: North Carolina, USA

Owner: Springhaven Farm 

Along with her three fellow farm dogs, Lucy is wholly dedicated to being a Baby Goat Caretaker Extraordinaire and an Official Visitor-Greeter. Despite coronavirus restrictions, she would like to warn all clay readers that if they visit her home, she fully intends to get much closer than six feet. There may even be some face licking. 

Names: Baxter & Bentley

Breed: Yorkshire terriers

Born: May 30, 2013 & December 2009

Home: Georgia, USA

Owners: Gianna & Aria Claxton 

Proper respect must be shown around these royal pups. King Bentley presides over the entire realm of his humans’ home, ensuring that the dog bowls, back door, and dastardly couch cushions are not planning a revolt. Meanwhile, Prince Baxter of the Laundry Room spends much time in the laundry room as punishment for mild insubordination, such as wild craziness and barking.

Name: Rowan

Breed: Beagle 

Born: August 2020

Home: Texas, USA

Owners: Jack, Wes, & Sean Apel 

Rowan is a musical dog who is particularly fond of harmonicas and has an excellent singing voice which he exercises regularly. He loves meeting new people and animals and assumes the feeling is mutual, even in the case of an attack-ready cat with its hair fluffed out. Naturally, Rowan hates when he perceives someone is trying to go on a walk without him. This is another instance where his musical abilities of barking and howling come into play.

Name: Piper 

Thai name: Farang (“white foreigner”) because of her fur color

Breed: Unknown

Born: January 24, 2019

Home: Thailand 

Owner: “House of Hope” Children’s Home

With six brothers and sisters, Piper is a dog who knows how to handle craziness. From the very first days of her existence, she has been constantly petted, played with, and manhandled by admiring fans. It is unknown how her ears and tail are still attached to her body, but it is nothing short of a miracle. 

Name: Blakeney Grant Chewbacca

Nickname: Blake

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Born: July 21, 2015

Home: Georgia, USA

Owners: Snyder & Greene families

You may not be able to tell by looking at him, but Blake is a highly-skilled and dangerous warrior, often referred to as the Valiant Knight. One of his sole purposes in life (yes, he has more than one sole purpose) is to serve the aforementioned King Bentley and Prince Baxter. Blake is also a Houdini-level escape artist, ferocious guard dog, and movie star. 

Name: Togo

Breed: Pomeranian 

Born: June 17, 2020

Home: Singapore 

Owners: Ariel & Ekklesia Chow

You’ve heard of shape-shifters, but you’ve never heard of anything quite like Togo. He’s a cat in a dog’s body (making him a slightly suspicious candidate for the Hall of Fame), and his love for hopping on beds suggests that he is a bunny in a dog’s body as well. According to some eye-witness reports, he occasionally flies–bird dog–and breathes fire–dragon dog. Also, he knows how to make pancakes. Believe what you will. 

Name: Taco

Breed: Chihuahua

Born: Autumn 2016

Home: Florida, USA

Owner: Mr. Clifford

Taco is a very intelligent dog, although his bug-eyed shivery-ness doesn’t give that impression. He’s also extremely friendly—Taco’s best friends include the mailman, any and all fellow canines (particularly a mutt named Spark), and, oh, everyone else too. It is unknown whether he actually likes tacos. 

Name: Skamper

Breed: Yorkshire terrier/Unknown

Born: October 26, 2011

Home: North Carolina, USA

Owners: Reagan, Sydney, & Jordyn Roberts 

Bearing a peculiar resemblance to a sloth yet oinking like a pig, Skamper is truly one-of-a-kind. He has a charming smile and supposed uncanny mountain-climbing skills, as well as an amazing ability to discern whenever people are eating his favorite food, cream cheese, even if they’re doing so very discreetly behind the refrigerator. 

Name: Ace

Breed: Chihuahua/Pomeranian 

Born: March 2012

Home: Georgia, USA

Owner: Friesen family 

This dog loves almonds. Also, lasagna, popcorn, turkey sandwiches… Ace generally prefers adults, but he approves of kids’ generosity with snacks, and he can be coaxed onto anyone’s lap if they have something delicious to offer. Ace is a fierce guard dog—unless the robber is carrying a bag of pretzels. Especially yogurt-covered ones. Yum.

Name: Patrick

Breed: Beagle/Poodle 

Born: March 17, 2019

Home: Thailand

Owner: Liya Diller 

Patrick’s full title is “Patrick Diller, Shoe Thief, Money-Finder Extraordinaire, Best-Looking Dog of the Year.” He is known for confiscating footwear and tearing it to shreds overnight. There was also a famous incident in which he discovered one thousand Thai baht during a walk. As for the best-looking-dog part… well, the picture speaks for itself. 

Name: Balto

Nickname: BJ

Breed: Australian shepherd/Pitbull/Unknown

Born: Summer 2017

Home: Georgia, USA

Owner: Walters family 

As a dog of many talents, BJ can not only win any tug-of-war contest without even trying, but he is also exceptional in the art of standing over the air-conditioning floor vent whenever it is most inconvenient for his humans. Being a cold-weather dog, BJ has scary energy levels on a snow-day. And you thought tug-of-war with him in the summer was bad… 

Name: Kinley

Breed: Australian Shepherd/Yellow Lab 

Born: January 2016

Home: North Carolina, USA

Owners: Molly, Emily, & Luke Anderson 

The sweetest, gentlest pup ever? That’s Kinley. She devotes all of her energy to pleasing her best friends. And that includes all of y’all. Although Kinley’s hunting instincts have resulted in the regrettable incident of killing a baby bunny, she is determined to make up for it with repentant puppy eyes and doggy kisses. 

Name: Brodie

Breed: Australian Shepherd 

Born: July 20, 2020

Home: Florida, USA

Owners: Amelie & Isabelle Masson 

Brodie is a very enthusiastic, friendly dog who loves to bark and lick ears. Since puppyhood, he has learned to enjoy many kinds of human food—peanut butter being the top favorite, along with popcorn, sweet potatoes, apples, chicken… There is a rumor circulating that he also gets random food off the table sometimes, but this may be unfounded. 

Name: Lee Harvey Oswald

Nickname: Harvey/Harveyboo

Breed: North Asiatic Marmalade Cathound

Born: November 31, 2021

Home: Rivendell

Owner: NONE… but petting is accepted

By far the superior to all others in this Hall of Fame, Harvey enjoys such pastimes as lounging peacefully, lounging lazily, and also just lounging. One of his many skills is distributing orange hair onto every surface (including the inside of clothes he hasn’t even touched). Furthermore, he excels at slinking, sneaking, all sly behavior, trickery, falsehood-telling, masterful lies, deception—wait—wait… Hey! Get back here— 



Feel free to mention your own pups in the comments!



  1. Nice article! All the dogs (and the feline infiltrator) are adorable. ^-^

  2. Harvey is a hero, to be remembered in awe by all cats involved in the war for feline independence. Cats = #1, Humans = #2, and Dogs = #close to the end. May humans soon realize the true nature of the power-hungry dogs. Long live Supreme Commander Cheshire and may his benevolent grin forever remain!

  3. Good Job Abby!!! All the dogs were adorable!!!!

  4. At last, the Valiant Knight gets the recognition he deserves! Perhaps he’ll be able to bring down the infiltrator…

  5. Hi! My family has a dog named penny, and she is the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet! We got her in September of 2019 as a rescue from Texas. Her background story is that she was chained up in someones yard after they couldn’t take her with them when they moved. When she was found, she went to a foster home, and now she’s with us! If you’d like, I’ll give her hugs for whoever wants me to XP.

  6. adorable dogs! 😍 and cat.

  7. They’re all so cute! I have two dogs myself who (I think) are adorable : )

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  9. There is a North Asiatic Marmalade Cathound. 🙂

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