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Open Mic: How Can This Be a Happy Easter? by Anonymous

Today is both April fourth and Easter,

People everywhere scream, “Happy Easter”

You feel downcast, for so many things leave you with no answer,

How can this be a “happy” Easter?


Someone ignores your message,

You bicker with siblings,

Oh, how much it annoys you,

How can this be a “happy” Easter?


Your chocolate bunnies scatter all over the floor,

You only find three eggs during the egg hunt,

Oh, how much it annoys you,

How can this be a “happy” Easter?


You hear the number of people that died yesterday because of COVID,

You think “How can it be a happy Easter when so many people die?”

Oh, how much it saddens you,

How can this be a “happy” Easter?


During the Easter performance at church,

One kid trips, one kid slips, one kid laughs,

“The entire thing is ruined,” you say.

How can this be a “happy” Easter?


I’ll tell you how this can be a “happy” Easter,

Two thousand years ago, our Lord was crucified.

He died with a criminal on each side,

Though all three died, on the third day Jesus arose.


He triumphed o’re the grave;

He died to save us from sins He did not commit.

A blameless, spotless lamb, became the Passover lamb;

By believing in Him, one day we also will rise like Him.


We need not mourn in sadness and in grief,

For the very little things of life.

Our hearts should be filled with thankfulness,

To our Creator who died, yet arose to save us.


Let all earth shout with joy,

The Lord has indeed risen.

Rejoice, oh girls and boys,

The Lord has indeed risen.


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  1. Bravo anonymous! I think we all need this reminder daily!

  2. rebeckbeckfunfuncakecake

    heh nice ;D

  3. OMHC great poem. love it!!!

  4. Mary Poppins (jk it's Daisy Page ;)

    This was amazing, great job!

  5. aww this helps so much.

  6. Wow! What an amazing poem.

  7. Hey anonymous, nice job. It’s a good reminder of why we celebrate Easter.

  8. Wow this is really good