1. Ah, the ants, so intelligent and yet so dumb XD. Good job Ian!

  2. Noah Collazo

    GReat one Ian

  3. Ants do seem to lead a confusing life. But the real question here is… how did they learn how to read?

  4. Haha, nice job

  5. KardashevTypeFour

    LOL, This is the best! XD

  6. Lol this might be your best one yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lucy Pevensie


  8. Oh no???????? Great job as always!

  9. Eliah la Fleur

    These ants are dumb but smart at the same time xDDDDD Good job Ian!

  10. Lizzie Nelson

    This is really funny can’t wait to read the next one Ian

  11. Nathanael Choi

    sounds like somebodys cranking down on his APUSH studies, eh? great job on this!

  12. Hahahahahahahhaa

  13. lollllll

  14. David Wollschlager

    Haha! Great job Ian. These are always good for a laugh.

  15. Thia Steele

    Great job Ian! these are great!

  16. Nice job Ian hyung!

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