GP7 Music Competition: Vote Now!

Hello TPSers!

We’re excited to announce that the long-awaited 2021 GP7 Music Competition vote is open! Narrowing down a group of finalists proved to be a difficult task, but we hope you enjoy listening to this year’s entries as much as we did!

Now that we’ve selected the candidates, it’s your turn to choose the winners! Our eight finalists’ compositions are linked below for you to listen to and choose your favorite! After listening to each of the songs, cast your vote by filling out the survey below. Voting is open now through April 5. The four highest-scoring entries will enter the GP7 pre-class rotation

Happy voting! 

Jenna Koo and Madison Asher, clay Senior Editors 

Christine Niu, Forums Head Moderator

“Song Without Words” by Julia Baker 


“LoFi Hymn Melody” by Hunter Batt


“Depressed” by Daniel Boyle 


“Sonatine” by Eliana Cook


“Be Thou My Vision” by Hannah and Abigail Henein  


“Zeera” by Myla McReynolds


“Rising Up” by Ezra Ramirez 


“Heart of Hope” by Daniel Six


“Psalm 16 – Beautiful Inheritance” by Isabelle, Charlotte, and Josephine Thom 


 “Waltz in E Flat” by Quincy Tran 

Vote here!


Image credit: Madison Asher, Canva


  1. Good work everyone!!!!!! this is gonna be a REALLY hard decision 😉

  2. yay, it’s out! Wonderful job everyone!

  3. ooo lovely music! it’ll be hard to choose one ;-;

  4. amazing job everyone! looking forward to seeing the results!

  5. Vote for Batt yall, we need peaceful music for GP7 XD.

  6. Great job y’all!! I enjoyed listening to your songs. Voted hehe

  7. omhcccc great job everyoneeee

  8. WOW. Great job everyone! Hannah and Abigail… your arrangement gave me goosebumps. I couldn’t stop smiling:)


    is there a way for me to download these songs into my computer without having to come onto this page to listen to them?

  10. Decisions, decisions…and so many amazing choices! Why must I choose just one ;-;

  11. To the Thom sisters: your music is so beautiful and peaceful it gives me musical chills!

  12. Wow, these are all so good! It’s hard to choose a favorite.

  13. ahhhhh it’s out!! it’s gonna be so hard to choose yall are all so talented

  14. I was so confused, thought that I was supposed to be voting for 4 XD. Great music yall! My top 4 are Rising Up, Depressed, LoFi Hymn Medley, and Psalm 16! I’m looking forward to some great beats in GP7, whatever the outcome 🙂

  15. WOW!!! oh my stars! these are all soo amazing ????????congrats, everyone!

  16. Great job everyone!

  17. You guys all did an amazing job! good job with all the hard work! there is one that I absolutely love thought! <3

  18. arrrggghhh!!! THIS WAS SO HARD! My fav two were heart of hope and rising up! gj everyone!

  19. eeek! I made a mistake, clicked on the wrong one…can i fix it?

  20. Oh man. This was a hard decision. I hope that you all enjoy the music. Great job everyone who put music in. These are awesome!

  21. Amazing work everyone! Are we allowed to vote for more than one? I think if you click the link again it let’s you.

  22. Why is Depression so beautiful…

  23. All of you did Gr8! I enjoyed all of it!

  24. Ho ma, it’s hard to choose! These are awesome!

  25. They’re all great but I love Ezra’s “Rising Up”!

  26. six’s heart of hope is so good!

  27. y’all were amazing. Great job.

  28. All of these are awesome! You’re all very talented. Great job guys!

  29. Wow! Great job guys! It’s gonna be hard to choose which one…

  30. AHHH amazing job everyone!!!

  31. Hannah and Abigail, you did an amazing job!

  32. wow, all of these pieces are soo beautiful. amazing job everyone, i can’t wait to see the results!

  33. If Depressed and LoFi Hymn Medley aren’t in the top 4 I’ma be mad????????????

  34. Psalm 16 – Beautiful Inheritance Was simply, splendid! It takes a new look at how music isn’t the room can be played using a soft tone to create a peaceful nature. I really like it and think it’s pretty good.

  35. Congrats to the finalists! These are amazing!

  36. I voted for “Be Thou My Vision” by Hannah and Abigail Henein. It was peaceful and quiet, just the thing to listen to before classes! It was the best song for me.

  37. I like mine, jk all of you guys did really we’ll

  38. We need those chill electronic songs now

  39. Wait guys how many songs will be voted in?

  40. whoah these are all so good! I ended up choosing Rising Up but it was a tough desision.

  41. You all did such an amazing job!!! I had SUCH a hard time choosing between Rising Up and Be Thou My Vision. Rising Up is soo good, but Be Thou My Vision is also good and already one of my favorite songs… I just hope they both get chosen! Great work everybody, and thanks to the editors as well!!!!!

  42. Awesome music everyone! May the best music win.

  43. I would listen to Zeera and Heart of Hope even outside of background music. If any artist here has their music on another site, I’d love to hear more!

  44. This is the point where the judges need to make the right decision: put them all into GP7. Let us listen to them all!

  45. Great job everyone! This is going to be a tough competition.

  46. This page has so many comments wow. Also just wanted to say all the songs are GREAT!

  47. I liked Heart of Hope and and Be Thou My Vision the most, but all of the songs were so great! I hope all of you enjoy the music that is chosen for next year even if it isn’t what you voted for.

  48. why do we have to pick they shld all be put up. *vArIeTy*

  49. wheres the survey?

  50. Wow these are incredible! You guys have incredible talent. I wish I could pick more than one. 🙂

  51. Honestly! We can only choose one song?! I love the two songs of “Psalm 16” and “Heart of Hope”! One is soothingly peaceful and the other is so awesomely upbeat! LOVE THESE TWO! Great job guys!

  52. I really loved Be Thou My Vision and Izze’s song! I think Abigail and Hanna’s song was so inspiring! I do like peaceful music but I like inspiring music more for this situation. Great job everyone!!

  53. I keep coming back again and again just to listen to these songs! Be thou my vision has amazing piano playing girls!

  54. This year’s songs are really good everyone! Wishing everyone the best of luck!

  55. Ahhhh!!! These are all SOO beautiful!!! Amazing job to all creators and participants!!! You all are so insanely talented continue sharing your works not just for gp7 competitions!!! I wish I could listen to these on loop but I can’t download them!!! D,,= You all made this decision very hard! And you all deserve tremendous applause! Great job!

  56. I loved Thou be my vision and Heart of Hope so hard to choose

  57. I loved the song that Isabelle, Charlotte, and Josephine Thom composed. so Amazing the guitar and the sing as well You girls sing so amazing I love it. why don’t you start a band?

  58. Tough decision…

  59. wow these r all good

  60. Were we allowed to use loops? Because I recognised a some loops in some of the songs.

  61. how many time are you allowed to vote ????

  62. Beautiful inheritance is wonderful

  63. My brother isn’t in TPS this year but he is going to be next year. Can he vote too?

  64. Ah…I’ve narrowed my favorites down to top three, but this is going to be HARD, wow! They’re all so good! Nice work everyone, I’m so excited to see the results!

  65. Everyone did such an amazing job!!! Truly a difficult decision.

  66. Great job everyone!

  67. Amazing job everyone!!

  68. Were we alowed to use loops?

    • Yes, so long as they were in the public domain and they don’t make up your entire song:)

  69. I’ve waited a long time for this to come out! This whole thing is really exciting and everybody did a great job!

  70. Great job everyone!! The songs are amazing!

  71. Tobey not tobe or toby or tobi its tobey it says its worng but its not but it is

    This is going to be a hard one so good job every one for making it hard it because it means you tried your best so may the best song win(i am not saying that i will absolutely agree with the winer but good job anyway.) plus chose Daniels Heart of Hope

  72. This was amazing! I personally loved “Be Thou My Vision” by Hannah and Abigail Henein. Also, some of the other piano pieces were amazing! Great Job everyone! All the songs were amazing!

  73. Omg guys this is sooo good!!!! Idk how I’m gonna decide!!! Gj y’all!!! You all did great.

  74. Noooooo it’s so hard to choose ???? they’re all SO INCREDIBLE. Amazing job y’all!!

  75. GAAAH THIS IS SO HARD. My top 3 favs are “LoFi Hymn Melody,” “Zeera,” and “Heart of Hope” :DD I hope they make it to the top 4! Anyway AWESOME JOB EVERYONEEE

  76. While all of these are so great I feel like if some of the slower calming songs might get old faster. I really hope that Be Thou My Vision gets in the top! And I would be happy to have ours too!

  77. Nice job Dano Six
    what application did you use to make it?

  78. How do you send a song to one of these competions?

  79. Thanks Lily

  80. I for one hope that Beautiful Inheritance makes it into the top four

  81. I wish I could make songs this beautiful they are all made so creativly. I play the piano, and I can basically only play Phantom of the Opera songs. ????
    Oh, I LOVE Beautiful Inheritance it’s so so BEAUTIFUL!!! Wonderful voices and words. 🙂
    I also enjoyed Be Thou my Vision.????????

  82. Thank you, Ellie! We are glad you enjoyed it! And hey, phantom of the opera is pretty greattttt 🙂

  83. …..WOW..I just started listening to the Waltz beautifully played ???????????????????????? I can’t vote because of parent controls:(

  84. Ya, I Love the Phantom of the Opera.

  85. My top four are Beautiful Inheritance, Waltz, Be Thou my Vision, and LoFi Hymn Melody, but I still like then all.:)

  86. My sister tried to vote and it said “This form is not currently available.” I don’t know what is going on I voted. and then my sister logged in as herself and tried to vote but she couldn’t. (She’s not taking potterschool right now but next school year).

    • You know what, I bet it’s because the voting form closed yesterday I think… I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think that’s why.

  87. Can you recast your vote?

  88. Who is pretending to be Susan and Lucy Pevensie from Narnia?

  89. To bad voting is over

  90. I can’t wait to see the results I wonder which is going to be picked

  91. ♡ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʟʟ ᴅɪᴅ ᴀᴍᴀᴢɪɴɢ! ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʜᴏᴡ ᴅɪꜰꜰᴇʀᴇɴᴛ ᴇᴀᴄʜ ᴏɴᴇ ᴡᴀꜱ! ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ᴜᴘ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴡᴏʀᴋ!♡

  92. Hi everyone this music is awesome!!!!

  93. there are so many good songs here

  94. all of the songs are good

  95. I agree to

  96. GJ everyone!! The form isn’t working for me tho!! Is there anything I can do to fix t??

  97. Just read the other comments. Too bad voting is closed…

  98. If Ezra Ramirez doesn’t take this round again, this voting community needs to wake up XD

  99. OMGOSH! 9 is SO GOOD! I got goosebumps just listening to it!

  100. The winners are now announced

  101. GOSH! We can download the musics! YAY!

  102. I wonder when the songs are going to start playing in TPS