A Conversation with the Artist: Mrs. Concepcion

one of Mrs. Concepcion’s artworks

Hailing from Fairfax, Virginia, Mrs. Concepcion teaches six different art classes at TPS, including AP Art History and College Art Appreciation. She loves any art style that has to do with expressive color and brushwork, from realism to neo-expressionism. She enjoys watching her students grow in the gift God has created them with as they continually surprise themselves. Mrs. Concepcion’s artworks have been showcased in various galleries, and she has won numerous awards as well. I was incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to get to know her better and truly wish to continue seeing her teaching in TPS in the years to come. 

Erika: What led you to teach at TPS?

Mrs. Concepcion: I was asked by Mrs. Gilbert when I returned to the United States from overseas. I had worked under her a few years back and loved her vision for what it means to educate. At first, I was a little concerned about teaching online since I was so used to teaching in person for over twenty years, but it has been an amazing experience, and the art students really do so well! God has faithfully helped me navigate this new field.

Erika: What do you like best about art?

Mrs. Concepcion: Wow, just one thing? I would say, then, how it connects to our souls and helps us to communicate in ways we cannot through traditional academic avenues. 

Erika: What fueled your interest in art? 

Mrs. Concepcion: In ninth grade, I tried out for a magnet arts school to avoid going to my local school because it was known for gang activity and violence. I made the program and then fell in love with the visual arts. 

Erika: How do you feel when you see your art displayed in exhibitions? 

Mrs. Concepcion: On the one hand, I feel pleased and grateful to be able to create artwork. On the other hand, I feel a little shy getting so much attention. 

Erika: Which is your favorite place you have been for an exhibition? 

Mrs. Concepcion: The US Embassy in Saudi Arabia. It was a really unique experience being able to share my work with so many international people. The people then shared what they had seen in the pieces and what it meant to them. 

Erika: What is your favorite way to spend the afternoon?

Mrs. Concepcion: Hanging out with my family and playing a game or watching a movie after I have cooked one of their favorite meals. 

Erika: What is your favorite type of flower?

Mrs. Concepcion: Any one that has orange, salmon, and magenta in the same flower. 

Erika: What do you like to do in your free time?

Mrs. Concepcion: That varies between reading a good book and doing something creative or artistic. 

Erika: What is your favorite game to play?

Mrs. Concepcion: It is currently a beautiful board game called Wingspan, which is a strategy game about the birds of North America. It is like playing with an artwork.

Erika: What do you wish that you were really good at?

Mrs. Concepcion: Playing an instrument like the piano with all my heart. It seems like it would be a form of worship if I could play that way.

Erika: What are three random fun facts about yourself?

Mrs. Concepcion: I really enjoy hiking and have hiked in dozens of states and countries. I am a total geek–Lord of the Rings, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steampunk, Star Wars–I enjoy it all. I have been building costumes and set designs since high school.

Erika: What is one thing that could instantly make your day better?

Mrs. Concepcion: Seeing God’s faithfulness in the lives of those I am praying for and when they realize it as well. 

Erika: What would you say to aspiring artists? 

Mrs. Concepcion: Becoming the artist that God created you to be is a journey, so enjoy the process. If you focus only on the outcome, then you miss the joys that are there to find in the moment. 



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    • Marcie Concepcion

      When I lived in Saudi Arabia the women were all covered up from head to toe in black. I thought about all the different personalities that. must be hidden underneath. This was my attempt to show that.

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      • Wow thats really interesting. I enjoyed that picture myself, sister. I thought this article was really neat because i enjoy drawing and other art forms myself.

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