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Round Robin: Results!

Hello everyone!

We’re sure you’re all eager to hear the results of this year’s Round Robin, a fierce battle between Team Madison and Team Jenna. As you might have realized, we had to roll things a bit differently this time around. Due to the forums being unable to host the poll as was done in the past, we had to come up with a new voting system, one that hindered your ability to see the votes while we watched with greedy eyes.

It turns out, voting on the forums might have just broken the system as we received a staggering 182 votes!

But now for the long awaited results. Drum roll, please…

With a count of 101 to 81 votes, Team Jenna is proud to announce that they have officially won the 2021 Round Robin! While Team Madison regretfully acknowledges their defeat, they can take comfort in the fact that they earned the second most votes for a Round Robin team ever (and managed to resurrect Annalee’s beloved character in the process).

Now, we, Jenna and Madison, can officially resolve our temporary antagonistic conflict and continue on friendly terms once again. All is well.


Best wishes,

Jenna Koo and Madison Asher

2020-2021 Senior Editors


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  1. GJ Team Jenna

  2. noo ????
    great job to both teams!! congrats team Jenna!

  3. Yes!!! We did it! Go Team Jenna!

  4. congratulations to team jenna! amazing job, both teams, though!

  5. here’s a toast to lucky charms and the 101… and to Team Madison who would’ve surely won in any other year! great work everybody!

  6. Wow, 182 votes.
    Great job to both teams!

  7. YAY congrats Team Jenna, we did it!

  8. congrats Team Jenna your story was amazing! and great job Team Madison! cant wait to see what round robins well have next year!

  9. woohooo goo team jenna always knew that we were the better one????

  10. great job everyone!

  11. YAY! My vote was placed on a good one! Good job team Madison, too!


  13. aYE????????lets go lol great job both teams though!

  14. gj job guys

  15. WOOHOO Let’s go team Jenna!!! ????????????????

  16. “Now, we, Jenna and Madison, can officially resolve our temporary antagonistic conflict, and continue on friendly terms once again. All is well.” Is it though?

    Good job everyone!

  17. Yay! Great job guys!

  18. Victory is ours!

    Great job to both teams 😀

  19. Team Madison should’ve won smh

    Great job everybody!!!

  20. GJ team Jenna!(i was rooting for u)

  21. Good job team Jenna. And good job team Madison.

  22. Congratulations! it was sooooo hard voting, but in the end, I chose team Jenna. ????

  23. Awwwww, yay!!!
    Congrats, y’all!
    Ya both did gr8!!!

  24. woohoooooooooooo go team jennaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! congrats to both teams gj ????????