1. Lily Steele

    ROFL! Once again, fantastic job Rob! Is this the last brick tricks ever? Or will there still be a few more?

  2. ROFL this is SO GOOD! ????????

  3. Hahaha XD this was AWESOME

  4. Doodlemuffin… *dies laughing*

    Only Matthew and Mark ;-D

  5. Nathanael Choi

    these are absolutely hysterical! bravo again!

  6. Lucy Pevensie

    LOL!!! ????????????

  7. These are so fun! Have you ever considered doing stop motion animations or you already have done those?

    • Thank you! I’ve done a couple small ones a couple years ago. I tend not to have the patience and especially time for something good. 😛

  8. oh my gosh, this is so funny! lol! dude u should try to make a stop motion movie or something. i would pay to see that.

  9. First! Great Job as always Rob! My brother and I like to make up fake names when we order at restaurants. I think we will give Doodlemuffin a try, haha!

    • Ahhh not first…uggh. The comments just did not load for a minute. Man, I got excited for a sec there! *Face palm*

  10. Silas Carollo

    SOOOOOOOO funny!

  11. This is awesome, Rob! Love it!

  12. LOL!!!!! XP
    this made me cry

    with laughter!!

  13. These always motivate me to get my school done when I have to wait to read it! I always love your comics ????! Also, when do you post your next comic?

  14. XDDD

  15. I’m gonna miss these when they’re gone, Rob! Great job, as always


  17. hahahahhahah love part 2 keep up the good work!

  18. Joseph Kondo

    HAHA. Gr8 job!

  19. Like the legos

  20. xDDDD
    Love it

  21. Lollllllllll

  22. Eli Hedstrom

    This is the funniest comic ever! Good job!

  23. Eliah la Fleur

    *dies laughing* oh my skarg these are soo good! GJ Rob

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