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Announcing the 2021 clay Photography Competition!

Hello TPS Photographers! I’m excited to announce that the 2021 clay Photography Competition starts today! This year, there’s no theme to follow, so you can submit your best work without any constraints. The competition is divided into three categories: Landscape, Portrait, and Macro. With the help of the Senior Editors, I will select the top five photos as the five nominees for each category, and the TPS community will vote for the final three winners.

Photo Requirements

Each photographer can only pick one category and submit one picture. The photo must be taken in the duration of the competition, from March 13 to April 16, and submitted in JPEG/JPG format. Photographers may edit their photos and submit in colored or black & white form. Please make sure that the photos are submitted to the correct categories. Here are the descriptions for each of them:

  • Landscape: This category includes all photos with sceneries as subjects from landscape, cityscape, architecture, to astrophotography. Street photography that mainly focuses on the street scene is also included in this category.
  • Portrait: This category is for pictures with human subjects.
  • Macro: Any picture focusing on small subjects or taken in closeups belongs in this category. This can range from insects, flowers, to tiny objects.

Judging and Voting Process

After the deadline on April 16, I will select the five best submissions from each category for voting. An article will be published including all fifteen nominees, and voting will begin on April 19. The voting period will last one week, and on April 26, we will announce the winners.


Each category will have only one winner, unless a tie occurs–the rest of the nominees will not be ranked. In the announcement, the winner from each category will have their photo featured one more time, and their portfolios or photography Instagram accounts will be featured on clay‘s social media as well if desired.

Enter Now!

Submit your photo here:

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comment section or email me at

Enjoy shooting, and good luck!




  1. Are panoramas allowed in the landscape category?

  2. Cool

  3. I would like to join but alas I am on no such level

  4. So we can edit the photos as much as we want? Like can we use editing apps, etc?

  5. is there any other way to submit a photo

  6. What if a picture has a human subject but the human isn’t the main focus? Would that be considered portrait?

    • That will depend on what the main focus is. If it’s the scenery, then it should go in the landscape category. If the human subject is still more important, then do portrait. If you can’t decide, choose the category you want the judges to focus on.

  7. What would i but animal’s in its not a close up so i dont know.

    • I’m sorry, the photo has to fit one of the three categories. There’s no wildlife category because it’s less popular and usually requires better gear.

  8. This definitely sounds like fun! I don’t know what I’d take the photo of or if it would even end up looking good???? I love editing photos in photoshop though, so maybe I can make mine look slightly better???? *tries to narrow down ideas*

    • It’s totally fine to not know what picture you want to take. Most of my favorite photos are taken by improvising on the spot, totally unplanned and unexpected. That’s the fun of photography!

  9. Looking forward to this!

  10. i am so excited! can’t wait

  11. Hmm, I wonder if I should try…. I’m definitely an amateur, but it might be fun to send something in anyway just to see…. 🙂

  12. I am gonna beg my sister to enter! She is VERY talented in photography but she’s too modest and humble. And she doesn’t like being the center of attention….. I love taking pics but I am pretty bad. lol

  13. ah can I submit pics I took with a drone?

  14. Question about the portrait section: what are some of the criteria that will be used to asses the photo? Are there any things we should watch out for? Thanks 😀

    • There’s no criteria. You can’t really judge photography by any rulebooks, because otherwise, it will make my job way easier ????. So be as creative as you can.

  15. Oh dear, I did not read the rule that the photo had to be taken in the duration of the competition. Can I unsubmit my photo? Or can you disqualify it? I’m really sorry!

  16. Interesting… Can’t wait to view the results! They are usually pretty cool.

  17. yay, im looking forward!!!

  18. For the macro category, does it need to be a really close-up photo or can the subject be a few inches away from the camera?

  19. ahhh it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

  20. i think i might do a portrait of my nieces.

  21. I don’t think I’ll do well, but it’s worth a shot!

  22. can i do legos or animals?

  23. for da glory…