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Open Mic: Kimberly Caylor’s Photography


Meet the Photographer

How old are you? 
I’m sixteen.
Where do you live?
I live in Tucson, Arizona, the land of dust, dirt, tall bushes that we call trees, and cacti.
What classes are you taking this year?
This year I am taking English 3 Confident Composition with Mr. Leonard and Graphic Arts with Mrs. Escalante.
What is your favorite thing about photography? 
Photography is a good way to capture the world around you while bringing physical memories to go with it. I really enjoy looking at pictures from when I was a kid or when my parents were my age, and I hope to have photos that I can pass down to my kids in the future. It’s fun to think that the photos I take may end up in a museum or may help the police solve a crime. Now, I know neither of those will probably happen, but its fun to think about.


  1. whoah that one of the roses hits different gj

  2. I definitely guessed where you lived before I finished the pictures! xD
    Great job Kimberly!

    • Thank you Emma! Haha yea they were all taken in my backyard/front yard except for the ones of the bridge. We drove several hours to get there???? I think its really cool to be able to post pictures like these because I haven’t seen anybody post them yet. Usually there are pretty pictures of the beach so I wanted to show that even cactus can be beautiful????

  3. these are gold, Kimberly, just totally awesome!

  4. i love all the plants sooo much! and the perspective is fascinating!

  5. Nice ones, Kimmie!! I love that cactus shot against the blue sky. ???? *hugs*

  6. I Love the flowers photography.

  7. especially the YELLOW one. Amazing!!

  8. EYYY Kimmie!!!! Those photos are absolutely gorgeous!! I especially like the rose and the marigolds ????????

    (btw I had no idea you were a photographer O.O)

    • Hi Seychelle!!! Thank you so much!!

      I’ve always been into photography but I’ve never really been THAT into it. I started getting more into it when I started my adobe photoshop class. Now I can edit photos if there is something in it that I don’t like. Take the picture of the roses for example, there was a hose on the ground and my fingers were seen holding the roses but those aren’t there anymore???? If you look closely at the bottom leftish area of that photo you can see that the leaves don’t line up perfectly but I figured nobody would notice???? That’s the only photo posted here that I edited actually but I’ve showed you several things, right? I know I showed you the paintings I’ve done in photoshop but have I showed you pics of where I’ve edited eye color? That’s by far my favorite thing to do in photoshop????

      • I’ll try to remember to send you a bunch later today if you’d like????

        • Oh and also… if you ever have any photos you need edited, I’m the one to ask lol

        • Oh my goodness that is so cool! *goes back to rose photo to see*

          YES please, please, please send me some of your stuff! I’d love to see <33

          • Haha thank you!! The leaves don’t match up perfectly but I gave up with where its at now????

            Awesome! Send me a message on duo to remind me otherwise I’ll forget by the time I get my phone turned on????

  9. Yay, you posted it!!!!! Awesome photos… im so bad it looks seeing ur pics! Nice job! <3

  10. Kimmie!! Those are all beautiful photos! I especially like the first bridge one 🙂

  11. beautiful Kimberly! I love that one with the colorful flowers!