Micah Wideman: Mustaches, Cheese, and ‘Helpful’ Brothers

“And that’s a wrap…” Micah muttered to himself as he clicked to stop the recording. Quickly selecting a few more options, he began to download his new song–the third he had created that day–off of Garageband. Lifting his computer from its resting place on top of the microwave, he carried it from his usual recording studio in the kitchen into the main room of the house, which contained four desks for Micah and his siblings. One of them was at his desk, another was sitting on the couch nearby, but his oldest brother was nowhere to be seen.

Strange… he thought to himself, he’s usually still doing schoolwork right now… He was just putting his computer down on his own desk when he saw a notepad lying on his brother’s. The words March Spotlight Article were written at the top, followed by a list of questions. “Hey, Luke,” he said, calling his other older brother, “check this out.”

“What is it?” Luke asked, standing up from his desk and walking over to where Micah was standing.

“Looks like Joshua hasn’t finished his next spotlight article,” he replied, holding up the notepad.

“So?” Luke replied, shrugging.

“What if we helped him out a bit? What if you spotlighted me?”

“Hmm… I’m sure Joshua’s on top of things. It’s not like he’d wait until the day before his article was due to write it.” Micah and Luke looked at each other for a moment then burst out laughing.

“Like he’s ever done that,” Micah said sarcastically, trying to contain his laughter, “he definitely needs our help.”

“Alright, let’s do it.” The brothers quickly dropped their smiles and assumed serious looks. Luke grabbed a fake mustache from Micah’s desk and slapped it on his face for a more distinguished look. “Let’s get the boring stuff over with first,” Luke began, “You know, the usual.”

“Right. I’m twelve and in seventh grade, I live in Central Asia, and I have an older brother named Joshua and a younger sister named Mercy.”

“Aren’t you forgetting someone?”

“Who, Luke? He’s not that important,” Micah said, smirking.

Luke rolled his eyes and continued. “Let’s see… boring stuff, school, more boring stuff, more school… man, these questions are terrible. Who comes up with these?”

“I know! I doubt that anyone cares I take English 1 anyway. Skip to the good part.”

“Okay. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?”

“Easy. Writing and recording rap songs. I have four albums and an EP on Soundcloud. I also make super weird songs with my friend David. Together, we call ourselves the Bleh.”

“Speaking of much, let’s discuss artists. Start with your favorite music artist.”

“Easy, NF.”

“And you favorite song?”

“‘Paid My Dues’ by NF, of course.”

“What about your favorite… you know what, let’s do something a little more interesting. What’s your favorite song that you’ve written?”

“‘Yummy Yum Yum,’ though that was a Bleh song, so technically I just made it up on the spot.”

“Favorite color?”


“Favorite saying?”

“I like… cheese.”

“Okay then… how about your favorite place you’ve been to?”

“I’ve been to a whole bunch of places, so I’m not sure I could pick just one. My top three would probably be Chiang Mai, Thailand, Istanbul, Turkey, and the Warner Brothers’ World in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.”

“How about your favorite food?”


“What about the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?”

“Well, unless you count the time my mouth was on fire because of a chili pepper, it would probably be fried silkworms.”

“That’s not that weird… you sure they weren’t alive or something?”

“No! Well, I don’t think they were…” The two brothers paused for a moment, thinking about what this might mean.

“Anyway… let’s move on now. We’re almost done. What’s your favorite Bible verse?”

“It’s pretty hard to choose, you know? They’re all so good. I think it’s a tie between the thirty-one thousand-and-one-hundred-and-two verses in the Bible.”

“Of course it is…” Luke muttered, rolling his eyes again.

“Want me to quote them all for you?”

“No, I’ll just write down the reference.” Luke paused and scribbled Genesis 1:1 to Revelations 22:21 onto the notepad. “Got it. Now, who is one person you want to be like?”

“NF comes to mind, though I’d prefer to imitate his rapping skills and not his tragic past.”

“Great! Now one last thing to make this interview a bit more interesting…”


“Tell me about cheese.”

Before Micah could respond, someone slammed the door to their house and walked into the room. It was Joshua. All three brothers immediately froze. Awkward silence hung across the room for several seconds as they stared at each other until Micah spoke.

“I like… cheese.”

At that exact moment, the mustache Luke had been wearing fell of his face and onto the floor. The three brothers doubled over laughing, though Joshua had no idea what had just happened. At length, he regained his composure and stared at his brothers again.

“What are you doing with my notepad?” he asked, suddenly suspicious. “I need that for my spotlight article.”

“Don’t worry,” Luke and Micah said in unison, “we got you covered.” And with that, they once again burst out laughing.


  1. That was hilarious xD Great job to the Wideman Brothers.

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  16. To all of you wondering, this was unfortunately not based on real events, though Li is right, it does sound like something they would do XD.

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