An Interview With Mr. Wiiki

Teaching Christian Apologetics in TPS, Mr. Wiiki came to know the Lord when he was close to his thirties. He then desired to study business at a Christian school but was instead led to Moody Bible Institute, which did not offer business classes. No doubt, however, it was clear that his calling was to study at M.B.I. Now, Mr. Wiiki and his family wish to reconnect people to what is important in life and raise the flag that Jesus offers something more than what the world does. Through that burden, the Wiiki’s set up a Bed and Breakfast to offer hospitality and provide excellence to their guests. He and his family live in Northeast Ohio, just outside of a small town in Lake Erie between Cleveland and Erie Pennsylvania. 

Erika: Thank you so much, Mr. Wiiki, for your willingness to let me feature you for clay. For the first question, what led you to teach at TPS?

Mr. Wiiki: As I was transitioning from traditional employment to working from home in a new state and developing our Bed and Breakfast, I became acquainted with TPS through some relatives who loved their experience with it. As I inquired, a position in the TPS Bible Department had opened. Of course, it was an opportunity to teach on the most interesting topics in the world!

Erika: What are some of your hobbies?

Mr. Wiiki: Living in the countryside, my wife and I get to raise honey bees, Nigerian Dwarf goats, and Indian Runner ducks and develop trails through our woods for us and our guests to enjoy. We also love kayaking and restoring old homes.

Erika: What is your favorite account from the Bible?

Mr. Wiiki: The two that come to mind are Elijah with the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 17 and the Seven Sons of Sceva in Acts 19. 

Erika: Do you have a favorite worship song?

Mr. Wiiki: “And Can It Be” by Charles Wesley and any version of “Amazing Love.”

Erika: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Mr. Wiiki: My family has a dream to build something we call “Found Treasures” that will be a training field or incubator for aged-out orphans in disadvantaged nations and disadvantaged individuals in our country operating in the tourism or hospitality industry.

Erika: If you had to choose only one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mr. Wiiki: I think it would have to be hamburgers. That has to be the perfect food, as long as I do not turn into a blimp or have a heart attack.

Erika: Would you rather be the funniest or the most intelligent in the room?

Mr. Wiiki: Both? Okay, I will choose intelligence. 

Erika: Would you rather have a foot-long nose or a foot-long tongue?

Mr. Wiiki: Both of those are totally weird, but I will go with the tongue. At least it might prove useful for getting the last honey out of the jar, and I can put it away when I do not need it. 

Erika: Lastly, some quick questions to wrap up the interview! Marvel or DC?

Mr. Wiiki: DC.

Erika: Summer or winter?

Mr. Wiiki: Winter.

Erika: Cake or pie?

Mr. Wiiki: Tough, but I will take pie. 

Erika: Tea or Coffee?

Mr. Wiiki: Tea for sure, especially sweet with milk.

Erika: Chocolate or vanilla?

Mr. Wiiki: Vanilla any day!

Erika: Being too warm or being too cold?

Mr. Wiiki: Probably neither, but I can always put on more clothes when it is cold. 

Erika: Scooby Doo or Tom and Jerry?

Mr. Wiiki: Bugs Bunny


  1. Great interview, Erika! Mr. Wiiki seems like such a cool teacher and wow, owning and running a B&B! That’s one of my dreams. How cool!

  2. He has good taste for the last question. : ) Good job Erika!

  3. Loll. Wow. GJ. You sound really cool. 🙂

  4. I remember having Mr. Wiiki last year and it was one of my favorite classes.

  5. Awesome job!! reading this brought a smile to my face [: thank yall!!!

  6. I’m still planning on coming to your Bed and Breakfast if I ever pass through Ohio 🙂 I think your “Found Treasures” idea is so amazing Mr. Wiiki.
    Good job Erika!!