Resources for Third Culture Kids

Oftentimes, third culture kids live many years weighed down with feeling misunderstood, prompting them to research for helpful resources. Nowadays, social media platforms provide exceptional resources for non-TCKs and TCKs to further understand the life they live. 

From books to podcasts to playlists, resources for TCKs can be found all over the internet; the key is knowing where to find them. 

For the TCKs who enjoy music, themed playlists can be a perfect source of help, whether to dance to or cry to. Lyrics that explicitly describe one’s emotions can provide bandages to the wounds of constant change that TCKs must deal with. Sometimes, good music will help soothe the soul, so here’s a list of playlists for such times:

Others simply want to sit on a couch, wrap up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea or coffee, and to read a good book. Readers might enjoy the memoir A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep by Rumer Godden where the author details her experiences growing up as a third culture kid. Authors David C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken take readers along on their journey of researching those who have lived a majority of their childhood abroad in their classic book; Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds. Letters Never Sent is a memoir of Ruth E. Van Reken where she goes into detail about her own TCK life story. Misunderstood: The Impact Of Growing Up Overseas In The 21st Century by Tanya Crossman is a great read for TCKs as well as families who are preparing or considering moving abroad long-term. 

B at Home: Emma Moves Again by Valerie Besanceney, Homesick by Jean Fritz, Arrivals, Departures, and the Adventures In-Between by Christopher O’Shaughnessy, and Hidden in My Heart: A TCK’s journey through cultural transition by Taylor Murray are also books worth mentioning. 

Some prefer a short read article-style, in which case, a blog would be an ideal resource. Luckily, there are two TCKs blogs in particular that come to mind. “Misunderstood,” run by the author of  Misunderstood: The Impact Of Growing Up Overseas In The 21st Century, is full of articles and videos that engage readers. Though no longer updated, “TCK Next Stop” has numerous articles, poems, and pieces of photography that center around TCK life with the author being a TCK herself. The blogger even had the opportunity to interview Ruth E. Van Reken and to write an article about it. 

Podcasts can also be a great source because there is not always time to sit down to read a book or article. Sometimes it is just nice to simply click play and listen to a podcast. There are numerous podcasts on the internet that center around third culture kids, but the particularly interesting, attention-grabbing ones are the following: 

Books and podcasts are not the only outlets for TCKs; social media platforms like Instagram have opportunities for TCKs to be understood and to connect with one another. Many Instagram TCK pages have group chats available where TCKs can “meet” and chat with one another, helping to build the sense and feeling of being understood. Listed below are some Instagram accounts that center around third culture kids: 

  • @mk_togetherness* 
  • @adult_third_culture_kid
  • @_thirdculture
  • @missionarykidmemes*
  • @tckglobal

Taking time to talk to those who relate to one’s situation is extremely important, primarily for people whose lives have been surrounded by the feeling of being misunderstood. Whether one prefers reading, listening to music and podcasts, or scrolling through Instagram, there are numerous platforms out there that can help TCKs gain a better understanding of themselves and connect with other TCKs. Resources are just a click away. 


*Specifically for TCKs who are also missionary kids


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