Girls’ Spotlight: Dorothy Foo

There’s a knock at the door.

I drop my files on the table and jump for the door, swinging it open to admit a smiling girl.

“Hey! Come on in,” I say, ushering her in. “I’m so glad you could come today-”

“Thanks for having me!”

We get situated, I am at one end of the table that I jokingly call the interrogation table, and she is on the other end. I fold my hands and smile at her. “So. Dorothy Foo. Aged fourteen, grade nine. Living in – oh, Singapore right now. That’s cool! Can you tell me what classes you’re talking with TPS this year?”

“I’m taking Geometry Honors with Mr. Manns, English 3 Literature and Analysis with Mrs. Thomas, World Geography for High School with Mrs. Williams, Bible Survey with Dr Juneman, and Biology Honors with Dr Cronin.”

“Nice. How many siblings do you have?”

“Two. Both sisters – I’m the middle child. We’re the same number of years apart.”

“Sounds fun! Okay. What’s your personality type? And how would you describe yourself? Three words.”

“I’m an ISFP-T! And… I guess three words would be… odd, friendly, and introvert-extrovert. Is that one word?”

“I think you’re looking for ambivert. Very nice. … Alright, here. What’s your favorite movie?”

“Oh! One of them is definitely The Greatest Showman.”

“I love the songs from it. What’s something that’s not very obvious about you – something that people tend to not realize?”

“I think it’d be that I’m really quiet in real life.”

“I get that too… loud online, but quiet in real life. Okay. What’s your biggest accomplishment?”

She grins. “I wrote an entire chapter book that people enjoyed!”

“Oh, whoa, that sounds amazing. Mm… here. What are some of your goals for the future?”

She pauses to think, then replies. “Writing good books that people enjoy. To write well, engage readers, and expand my word ‘databank.’ To be more extroverted in real life. I have a lot of goals, though – those are just a few. For now.”

“Good goals. Have any pets?”

“Yep! Me and my sisters own nine hamsters ranging from two years old to a few months. I own two of them (I think, or maybe more, I don’t know, since we sorta share the baby hamsters). Fun fact about the baby hamsters: they came unexpectedly. A brother and sister apparently mated and had children. My male hamster’s name is Cotton and he’s a shy hamster. I’m honestly not sure which baby hamster I own. We had fish before the hamsters and once babysat a rabbit.”

“Aww, that’s nice. I love hamsters. Do you play any sports or instruments?”

“Ooh, I love playing touch rugby and will be playing Ultimate Frisbee (although I’m sure I’ll miss most of the frisbees…). I used to play the piano and I played it for about seven to nine years. I can’t remember exactly when I stopped.”

“Ultimate Frisbee is great! And I also miss all the frisbees. But it’s fun. Do you speak any languages? Other than English, I mean.”

“Yeah, Chinese.”

“Right, should’ve known… you’re in Singapore… What are your hobbies?”

“I would say they’re writing, reading, chatting to friends, going on forums, and playing with my hamsters.”

“Ayy, forums. I’m getting the impression that you absolutely love writing… so… what do you want to pursue as a career, maybe?”

“Oh, writing.” She laughs. “Maybe sports.”

“Ah, of course. That is admirable, though. Oh, here! What are your favorite bands and songs?”

She pauses to think. “Ack, I can’t choose, but Hillsong, Young, and Free are awesome, and so are Lauren Daigle and Zendaya. Among my favorite songs are “Peace” by Bethel Music and We The Kingdom, “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi, “lovely” by Billie Eilish ft. Khalid, and “The Answer” by Corrinne May.”

“Aww, those are all amazing songs. Next question… What would you say are your flaws and strengths?”

I let her think. Eventually, she responds “I think my flaw is being scared of being too much like my online crazy self, in real life. Sometimes, I also tend to be a bit too blunt and speak before thinking. And my strength is writing, I guess, and being negative… no, I’m joking. Being there for my friends.”

“Awesome, thanks. Do you have a particular bucket list?”

“Ooh, I’d love to write another chapter book that will measure up to the first one I finished, or even better than that.”

“I wish you luck! So… we’re nearly done, but is there any advice you’d want to give your younger self?”

“I’d think I’d want to be more mature and more aware of my surroundings. I’d make lifelong friends and be wiser in decisions.”

“Good advice… alright. What’s your favorite Bible verse?”

“Oh! Jeremiah 19:11. In the NIV, it reads, ‘“For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’””

“Nice! Actually… I have a note here that says that you’re turning fifteen this month, correct? Yes… then happy birthday! I wish you a great year and thank you for stopping by!”



  1. Awww, lovely article! Gj answering, Dory! <3

  2. Eyyy finally someone that I know xD *wavesss at Dory* Alsooo I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna miss all the frisbees *stares* because I claim that role already and I saw you play heehee

    Great spotlight Christine!

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    Also Dorothy thats so cool that you got baby hamsters!! It was fun to get to get to know you better 🙂 great job


    Great job Dory and Christine 😀

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    loved getting to know you better, dory 😀

  7. aww my dear Dooor this was so awesoem to read!! great job both of yaaa [:
    and yesss Happy *cough belated* birthday

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    yessss ultimate frisbee is awesome
    i loved reading this =D

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    And yesss, being there for your friends and writing are definitely some of your strong qualities!

  10. awwww it’s my daughter
    great spotlight! <3

  11. OH MY GOODNESSSSS!!! We have like so much in common—I had no idea…. XD I’m also a writer and a INFP-T, I’m turning 15 this month…. Odd, friendly, and introvert-extrovert—I feel that! XD I’m mostly pretty quiet in person, unless I know you really well, or I’m really excited (like right now!!!). ???? And I’m also taking Geometry (regular, though?) with Mr. Manns!!!! Oooohh!!!! ???? *hugs* ????

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