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Open Mic: Small Creatures by Rachel Beth


Meet the Photographer

How old are you? 
I am 18 years old.
Where do you live?
I am currently living in Central Asia where I have lived since I was one.
What classes are you taking this year?
This year with TPS, I am taking Anatomy and Physiology with Mrs. Carrier and Modern History, Lit and Comp (Honors) with Mr. Mailand and Mrs. Yagel, both of which I highly recommend!
What is your favorite thing about photography? 
I enjoy how photography allows me to investigate the world around me and creatively showcase what I see.  My favorite genre is portraiture, but lately I’ve been trying to expand my horizons and explore macro photography.


  1. These are beautiful!! I loved how you captured the little creatures, usually things that we’ll neglect; but they’re still such a wonderful part of God’s creation!

  2. Wow! Your photos are beautiful! I especially love the one of the spider.

  3. These are amazing! I love them.

  4. These photos are amazing, Rachel!!!

  5. these are legit great

  6. Wow, these photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing them, Rachel!

  7. WOW these are FANTASTIC, Rachel Beth!!!

  8. wowzers these photos are outstanding and so detailed

  9. Woahh, I know how hard Dragonfly macro is, and these are so suburb! Awesome job!!

  10. WOW amazing photos

  11. Oouuuu these are super cooool! You’re so talented😲

  12. Wow these are really good! You go girl! XP

  13. Daisy Pipit Page🌼

    These are amazing!!! Great job Rachel!

  14. Wow! You are an amazing photographer Rachel!

  15. Wow! these are beautiful, Rachel Beth!! Great job!

  16. these are so cool, Rachel Beth!

  17. Beautiful photos!

  18. Woww Rachel Beth these pictures are beautiful!! Miss being in photography class together and seeing your photos every week! 🙂

  19. Beautiful photographs, Rachel Beth ,,, and thanks for the thumbs up 🤓. Emily – nice job as always! Hugs to you both!

  20. Oh my word, these are stunning! Love your photos, amazing job!

  21. Beautiful photos Rachel Beth!

  22. Thank y’all for all of your kind comments!!!

  23. These are amazing! I honestly don’t know how you got that close to those animals! I hate bugs!

  24. Rachel, You did a great job of taking pictures of God’s creatures which we generally ignore!! Congratulations on your excellent pictures!!

  25. Rachel Beth, your photography with small creatures is amazing. Keep up your outstanding work.

  26. Rachel Beth, I loved your photos. Particularly the one of the tan mantis. Keep up the great work.

  27. You are a gifted photographer! These are amazing and have given us even more opportunity as a family to praise our Creator. Just wait until you finally get a full frame camera and macro lens…watch out, world! 🙂