Carston Buck: Reindeer, Hacking, and A ‘Few’ Friends

Deep within the dark and dismal depths of a long-abandoned warehouse, a single light glowed in the midst of the darkness. Staring at the brightly illuminated computer screen, Carston furiously typed out messages to his contacts. To the untrained eye, it would have seemed that Carston was up to something devious, perhaps hacking or crafting malware. However, this was not the case, as his contacts were merely his many friends. And while texting people in dark warehouses was not his usual practice, he was there to wait to surprise someone. Someone who was expecting to surprise him. As he continued to chat with his friends, he heard a faint rustling noise coming from the darkness around him. Without glancing up, Carston spoke to the figure behind him.

“Let me guess, it is good to finally make my acquaintance?”

“Ah, Carston,” the cloak replied, “you are indeed an astute observer.”

“Indeed,” Carston said, turning around to behold the sentient clothing he’d been waiting for. “I’ve been expecting you. Shall we get to the interview?”

“I see you are familiar with my habits… how, pray tell, did you come to possess this information?”

“I did some research,” Carston replied simply.

“I see. Let us start with the basics then…”

“I’m seventeen and in eleventh grade, I live in California, and I have a younger sister named Addison and an older brother named Nolan.”

“You have certainly done your research. I take it that means you know…”

“What your next question is? Yep. I want to be a theologian or a missionary when I grow up.”

“You certainly know a lot for someone such as yourself.”

“Thanks. And since you’re about to ask me, I’ve been with TPS for three years, and I’m taking Russian 3/4, US Military History, English 3, and Theology Matters with them this year.”

“It seems as though you are capable of doing this entire interview by yourself.”

“I probably could, but I’ll let you take it from here.”

“Thank you. Now, what are your favorite and least favorite subjects in school?”

“My favorite is theology, and my least favorite is English.”

“I see. What are some of your hobbies?”

“I enjoy playing soccer and lacrosse, shooting, airsoft battles, and hanging out with friends.”

“Excellent. Now, let’s discuss some of…”

“My favorites? Way ahead of you. Singer is Sabrina Carpenter, song is ‘Bloodstream’ by Astrid S, movie is Hunger Games, book is Lord of the Rings, game is Minecraft, and food is ribs.”

“What about…”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot the weirdest food I’ve eaten… that would probably be reindeer. Apologies to all the Santa fans who will read this.”

“Do you have any pets?”

“Yep. I have two cats and three dogs.”

“I see. Who would you say is one person you aspire to be like?”

“Probably the Apostle Paul. He certainly set a good example for others to follow.”

“What about your favorite Bible verse? What is it and why?”

“That would be Philippians 4:6-7. It reminds us that we should always be in constant commutation with God and that He’s always there for us to lean on.”

“I see. Last question… There is a rumor circulating that you are some sort of hacker. Can you confirm this rumor?”

“Oh, that. It’s just a joke. I’m interested in coding, and I occasionally joked with a couple of my friends about hacking things. Apparently, some people saw us talking about it and thought we were being serious, so the rumor spread. Now, I usually just play along and watch people freak out.”

“Excellent. I believe that concludes this interview. Thank you for your time, Carston.”

“You’re welcome. Considering this is normally the moment where you disappear, I’ll just be on my way.” With that, he picked up his laptop and walked towards the door of the warehouse. The cloak, however, lingered for a moment.

“It is time…” it muttered before vanishing into thin air.


  1. XDDD i loved it carston and joshua. it was great to get to know you better – sabrina carpenter???

    joshua- great job with making carston’s personality shine through. it was really fun to read

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    hilarious answers carston and an awesome job, josh!

  5. Haha all credit to Josh I just answered his questions

  6. This was really good Carston and Joshua! Well done! I loved your answers Carston. Amazing!

  7. Cool learning about you Carston, and gj on the article Joshua!

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  9. Yeeeeeeee thanks for the love y’all! And thanks Carston for doing this with me 😀

  10. noice job Joshua
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  13. very interesting! What kind of guns do you like to shoot?

    • I like to shoot a 30-06, 9mm, 3.57, 30-30, .44. Also basically anything else I can get my hands on

      • nice! I like .308, 20 gauge, and also .22 for fun. I’ve shot a 12 gauge with slugs a lot as well but it’s more than a little bit uncomfortable lol.

        • Oh yeah .22 is fun to mess around with. Haha yeah forgot about shotguns they are fun. Yeah after awhile it makes you shoulder sore with a 12 gauge but if you shoot both barrels out of a double barrel haha that will get ya.

          • yeah I suppose that would knock you over. Never shot a double barrel, my dad’s 12 gauge is a Mossberg pump action. With target loads it’s not bad, but with slugs it does tend to pound me a bit.

        • Yeah it would if you don’t have your body weight set right.

          • Yeah. Now my dad’s .308 is really fun to shoot. It’s a semi-auto and really accurate. The muzzle really jumps though when I shoot it because the barrel is so short. It’s also a bit heavy but it’s really nice. (It’s an FNAR 7.62×51 so it’s kinda like an AR).

        • Oh that’s sounds really cool to bad I have to many gun laws over here in Southern California

  14. Eyyy Cary!!! This was hilarious, and I was laughing the entire time ????????????????. Great job!

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  23. What’s your favorite song by Sabrina Carpenter? I haven’t really heard many of her songs????

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  30. Nice review Carston! Here is a verse from you from Mark 9:40-41:

    For whoever is not against us is for us. Truly I tell you, anyone who gives a cup of water in my name because you belong to the Messiah will certainly not lose their reward. (NIV)

  31. lol my second time ever read an clay article. First time is Ethan Jo’s by Rob. I am not exactly a fan of Sabrina Carpenter but I listen to her song “On my way” only cuz Alan Walker is the DJ xD. I love Alan Walker. Btw I never know u play Minecraft ;-;

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