Mrs. Bagazinski: The Extroverted Bookworm

Mrs. Bagazinski is 2nd from the left.

Mrs. Bagazinski, a mother to eight, a member of a book club, and a chocolate-lover, teaches algebra, college math, and geometry. Although this is her first year teaching with TPS, she is no stranger to the world of teaching. In addition to instructing in high schools, community colleges, and universities, Mrs. Bagazinski also home-schooled all eight of her children. Outside of academics, she and her family volunteer to serve the homeless around their area. 

Erika: What is your favorite part about teaching? 

Mrs. Bagazinski: I love when students “get it” and math moves up the ranks from their least favorite subject. That is what I loved about teaching at the local university. Most of my students were math phobic and were there to fulfill their math requirement. It surprised them to actually enjoy class and have success in math. 

Erika: Why did you choose a degree in mathematics? 

Mrs. Bagazinski:  I was always interested in math and science so I started college majoring in engineering. After spending my summer working as a camp counselor and coaching high school volleyball, I realized that teaching was what I was interested in. 

Erika: What led you to teach at TPS? 

Mrs. Bagazinski: My children have taken the TPS English courses while they were homeschooled. I was always impressed with TPS, so now that I was looking to teach full time, I reached out to them about becoming a TPS math teacher. I have taught math part time at Madonna University for the past seventeen years, but I really enjoy the energy of the high school students.

Erika: As a math teacher, do you have a favorite number?

Mrs. Bagazinski:  I have always been fond of multiples of four. 

Erika: What are some things you would say to the students taking your classes in the future?

Mrs. Bagazinski: Math is not something to be scared of. If you attend every class with an open learning attitude and do your homework, there is no reason to be unsuccessful.

Erika: What led you and your family to participate in programs to serve the homeless?

Mrs. Bagazinski: The PB&J Outreach program was started by a local Catholic church that provides food, clothing, and toiletries to the homeless in Detroit. We went once as a family and were so inspired that we now participate every Saturday morning. 

Erika: What is your favorite quote?

Mrs. Bagazinski: “If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.”- Wonder

Erika: What do you do in your free time?

Mrs. Bagazinski: I love to be active outdoors running, biking, hiking, downhill skiing, or just laying out by the pool. Of course, I also spend a lot of time driving my three youngest children to their activities and being their biggest fan!

Erika: What is your favorite thing about Michigan?

Mrs. Bagazinski: I love that we have four seasons! There is something special about each of them to embrace and enjoy. Fall is my favorite though. We also have the great lakes and the upper peninsula which are beautiful.

Erika: What is your favorite Bible verse?

Mrs. Bagazinski: “All things are possible with God.”- Mark 10:27

Erika: What is one word of encouragement you will give to anyone? 

Mrs. Bagazinski: Get involved! Whether it is in school, in church, in the community, or in other organizations, by getting involved you will meet people and have fun!

Erika: And with that beautiful motivator, this wraps up our interview! Thank you so much, Mrs. Bagazinski, for taking time out of your busy schedule to be featured on clay. I truly hope to continue seeing you teach in TPS in the years to come. 



  1. Great job, Erika! Now I wish I had a class with Mrs. Bagazinski!!

  2. Welcome to TPS, Mrs. Bagazinski! Hope you enjoy teaching here!

    Great article as always, Erika.

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    Welcome to TPS Mrs. Bagazinski!