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Open Mic: The Mando Way by Emmanuel Koh and Mia DiFranseco

Disclaimer: All original characters herein belong to Star Wars and The Mandalorian.

Reporter 1: So, onto today’s interview! I wonder who it shall be. I heard rumours about two professional artists joining us today. Isn’t that right?

Reporter 2: Yeah, it looks like it’s Eman and someone else named Mia DiFranseco. Who is she?

Reporter 1: Must be a rising star! Look, her artwork is even better than Eman’s!

Reporter 2: Shush! There they come! Introducing Eman Koh and Mia DiFranseco!

Reporter 1: Welcome guys! How are things going?

Eman and Mia: Great!

Reporter 1: So, I heard you guys started to join forces and draw The Mandalorian ink mural, huh? Impressive!

Eman and Mia: Yes! Thanks so much!

Reporter 1: How did you guys come with this idea and how did you divide the work between yourselves?

Eman: Well, I thought of the idea since it sounded fun and since The Mandalorian is trending now with the adoration of Baby Yoda!

Mia: So he just called me up and asked I would like to join forces, and that was how it happened! We decided to split the work with me doing the sketching and Eman doing the inking.

Reporter 1: Wow, that’s a lot of teamwork and planning! How did it turn out in the end?

Mia: It was loads of fun! But it was also tedious and time-consuming, since I had to draw more than just Mando, what I named the Mandalorian, and Baby Yoda.

Eman: So, after sketching it, she passed it to me! The inking wasn’t so difficult since I trained myself beforehand by reading articles, following tutorials, and gaining a bit of inspiration from other professional artists like ZHC and The Box Office Artist.

Reporter 1: What was the easiest part of the collaboration?

Eman: The outlining was particularly easy and relaxing.

Mia: It was not that easy for me though. I had to redraw it several times to get the accuracy I wanted.

Reporter 1: How did you know which character to pick? Shouldn’t it just be Mando and Baby Yoda?

Eman: After researching, I knew we had to include some of the other major characters like Boba Fett and Ahsoka. It was simply because we wanted to give credit to these characters for participating in the series.

Reporter 1: That’s great! You guys did very well, pulling off a show and impressing me! I’m proud of you guys! Well, it has been a great time talking to you guys, and you guys are awesome! Keep it up guys! Thanks so much for your time!

Eman and Mia: Thanks! You’re welcome! It was very fun talking to you!


Photo Credit: Emmanuel Koh and Mia DiFranseco


Meet the Artists

How old are you?

I’m 15 and turning 16 soon!

Where do you live?

I live in Singapore.

What classes are you taking this year?

I am taking English 3, Bible Survey, and English Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots.

What is your favorite thing about art? 

My favourite thing about it is that you can challenge yourself. In art, there are no limits. I’m thinking of spoiling my right hand by drawing every card in Clash Royale in full color!

How old are you?
I am 16-years-old.
Where do you live?
I’m a New Yorker living near Niagara Falls.
What classes are you taking this year?
I am taking English 4/5 Lit Survey and Composition with Mrs. Gray and Geometry with Mr. Manns.
What is your favorite thing about art? 
My favourite thing about art is developing a sketch into a finished drawing and glorifying God with my art.


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