1. XD these comics are always so funny 😀

  2. GiRrAfFe!?!?!?!? LOL

  3. OliverMunzer/omunzer


  4. Lollll. Great job, dude.

  5. Daisy Pipit Page????

    xDSoo funny!

  6. ahaha this is grate xD gj man

  7. wow these are amazing xDDDDDDD rofl

  8. Hi, me again, just wondering, do you ever change up the outfits or scenery? Not a complaint, don’t get me wrong, I was just curious.

  9. LOL GJ

  10. This is great man! I love it!.

  11. Haha. Good job. Keep it up man.

  12. wow u r gr8 at legos 🙂

  13. lololol I gotta show this to my brother XD

  14. this is great xD

  15. Hey, these are cool. Just wondering, have you ever done stop motion?

  16. Question for anyone to answer, do you think that I could make comics with lego friends? Not to post at TPS, just for fun.

  17. “What’s the fourth wall?”
    Matthew: whyohwhydidhehavetoaskthatIcandothisdon’tsayanythingjustdon’tspeakarrrrggghhh

    I love this comics lollll

  18. So funny 😀

  19. haha creative???? a for affort xDD

  20. This is hilario

  21. These always brighten my day!

  22. LEL This is awesome! xD

  23. Lol Ur always hiliarious. Love it. Keep it up joe!

  24. Ok great! Also Simeon, I’m pretty sure your sis, Ruth is in my class. Random sorry lol

  25. LOL the Giraffe ????????????

  26. LOL!!! Love these!!!

  27. I love these! Keep doing them!