Josh Montenegro: Drawing, Memes, and twenty øne piløts

“That’s a keeper,” Josh muttered to himself. He was sitting at his laptop in his room, surfing the internet for one of humanity’s greatest creations: memes. Outside, the sun beat down on the Doha rooftops, but Josh hardly noticed as he added the meme he’d just discovered to the hundreds already covering his desktop. He did notice, however, when a gust of wind blew a black shape past his open window, briefly obstructing the bright sunlight coming in through it. Glancing up from his meme searching, Josh saw something black wadded up on the floor under the window. Wondering if this was his sister’s doing, he glanced back down at his computer screen for a moment before quickly looking up again in confusion as the object fluttered to life and hovered off the ground.

“Greetings, Josh,” the cloak said, “it is good to finally make your acquaintance.”

Josh glared suspiciously at this strange article of sentient clothing. “Who are you and how much did my sister pay you to do this?”

“I am not here because of your sister… I am here because of you,” the cloak replied.

“And why is that?” Josh shot back.

“My superiors are interested in learning more about you,” the cloak responded cryptically.

“Fine…” Josh sighed, “but I still think that my sister put you up to this.”

“Let us begin, then, with a few simple facts about you. What is your age, your grade, the place you live, and the names of you siblings, if you have any?”

“I’m fourteen and in eighth grade, I live in Doha, Qatar, and I have one older sister named Diana.”

“I see. Do you have an idea of what you want to be when you grow up?”

“Absolutely no clue.”

“My superiors informed me that you are currently enrolled in The Potter’s School. How long have you been with taking classes with the school, and what classes are you taking this year?”

“This is my first year with TPS, and I’m taking Algebra 1, English 2, Study Skills, Starting Points, Latin, and Geography.”

“That’s quite a workload. Speaking of which, what’s your favorite subject in school?”

“My favorite is either PE or art.”

“Excellent. What are some of your hobbies?”

“Listening to music and drawing, mostly. Nothing too big.”

“I see. Now, let’s discuss some of your favorites. Who is your favorite music artist?”

“twenty øne piløts.”

“Favorite song?”

“‘Ode to Sleep.”




“No idea.”


“I have several: Halo, Call of Duty, an older Kirby game, and Monopoly.”



“And finally, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?”

Josh paused for a moment to think before replying. “It’s food. Definitely food. It’s the only thing I’ve ever eaten.”

“Indeed. Do you have any pets?”

“Yep. A dog named Lexi.”

“Excellent. Who would you say is one person you aspire to be like?”

Josh once again paused for thought. “An adult,” he finally said, shrugging.

The cloak, unfazed as ever, continued. “How about your favorite bible verse?”

“The entire Bible is my favorite.”

“Good answer. Excellent. Thank you for your time, Josh. I wish you luck with your meme hunting.”

Josh aimed a stony glare at the cloak and returned his attention to his computer without replying. When he glanced up again a moment later, the cloak was gone.


  1. OliverMunzer/omunzer

    XD so funnyyyy

  2. rebeckbeckfunfuncakecake

    ayyy yes twenty one pilots xD this was quite fun to read

  3. gj joshua! i think it’s the first time ive ever heard josh openly say his age

  4. omw your answers were so vagueee josh xD still an awesome article tho

    nice job josh & josh ;}

  5. omww this is hilarious! great job, joshua ! and love the responses, josh

  6. Gj on this! Made me smile. Halo is the BEST!! My favorite game would have to be either 4 or Reach…
    Anyway, u done good on dis. *thumbsup*

  7. Daisy Pipit Page????


  8. EYYYY Josh (M)!!!! I was laughing so hard when you were blaming your sister ????????????. R.I.P Diana ????????

    Selina’s right; this is the very first time you’ve stated your age in public!!! O.o I wonder what this means….

    This was a very good article, Joshua (W)!! Looking forward to the next one :)))

  9. Josh interviewing Josh…this must have been fun

  10. omhc this is so funnyyyy

  11. nice Monti

  12. Ahahaha, this is hilariousss. I’m not sure anyone’s ever answered an interview this way -starts to chuckle- Great job, both of you. (-just realizes that the both of them are Joshuas- 0.0)

  13. That’s not actually how I am for anyone who’s wondering xD I would never pay someone to prank my bro. My money is too precious to spend on that xP

    Nice job on the story! It was very funny and interesting.

    • ROFL we know that you are the sensible child ~looks sidelong at Josh~ . Stay away from her ????????????

  14. XDD that was fun to read! My question is: Why is Diana implied to be a trickster??

  15. Its josh-ception – im josh commenting on the article by josh about josh. im just happy to be here man.

  16. YESSSS, I KNEW YOU WERE 14!!! XD And how many years have you taken Latin??? ????
    Great article, BTW, both of you!!! ????

  17. OH my goodness Josh: “It’s food. Definitely food. It’s the only thing I’ve ever eaten.” ????????????

  18. This is a really cool idea. “some see a pin; I see a harpoon”

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  21. Ben Saidane Raafil

    LOLLLL. This is hilarious. Great job. Gotta love the answers.

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    i also forgot undertale ssbu and botw but too late…
    @ThatJosh hah yea josh replying to josh commenting on josh interviewing josh about josh.
    @Li Omega anytime mate
    @Sofia Barbieri first year
    @Daniel Sexton my thoughts exactly

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