David Rogers: Chicken Liver, Capital Kings, and Crazy Songs

As the sun loomed high in the sky over the city of Istanbul, Turkey, a flustered young man dashed from the subway station into the crowded streets. Making his way through the many cars and people in the area and into a nearby apartment building, he arrived at his destination completely exhausted. Stopping for a moment to catch his breath, Joshua knocked on the door. The sounds of funky music coming from within the apartment paused, and someone opened the door. Breathing a sigh of relief, Joshua quickly jumped to the point.

“David! Thank goodness I found you! I could really use your help.”

Ushering Joshua in, David picked up his iPad from where he left it, opened GarageBand, and began pressing buttons and turning dials on the screen. “Sure. What’s up?”

“My… associate… just contacted me and told me he’s taking some time off for the holidays. He normally gathers information for my spotlight articles, so now I’m stuck. Can I spotlight you?”

“I guess so…” David replied, shrugging.

“Great! Let’s get started.” Joshua quickly pulled a notebook and pencil out of his backpack and asked the first question. “Can you tell me your age, grade, where you live, and who your siblings are?”

“Let’s see…” David said as he continued to tweak the track he was creating, “I’m eleven and in sixth grade, I live here in Istanbul, and I have two younger siblings, Tikva and Essie.”

“Nice!” Joshua commented before continuing. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“I’m not really sure yet, but I’ll probably do something related to music.”

“Cool! How long have you been with TPS, and what classes are you taking with them this year?”

“This is my first year with TPS, and I’m only taking Writing Fundamentals 6.”

“All right. And what are your favorite and least favorite subjects in school?”

“My favorite subject is history…” David paused for a moment to ponder his next answer. “And my least favorite is probably Turkish.”

“Got it. What are some things you enjoy doing in your free time?

“I really like making music on GarageBand. I do it all the time, whether by myself or with my friend Micah. I also play the xylophone and the piano and sing sometimes. Other than that, I like playing soccer and baseball.”

“Sounds pretty cool. Now how about some of your favorites? Who’s your favorite music artist?”

“That’s a tough question… I’m not sure I could narrow it down to just one, but a few of my favorites would be TobyMac, Capital Kings, and Royal Tailor.”

“How about your favorite song?”

“Again, I don’t think I can pick just one. Some of my favorites are ‘I Can’t Quit,’ ‘Rip it Up,’ and ‘Northern Sky’ by Capital Kings, and ‘Ready Set Go’ by Royal Tailor.”

“Favorite movie?”

“Probably The Last Jedi.”

“Favorite book?”

“I have two favorite series of books, Redwall and The Mysterious Benedict Society.

“Favorite game?”

C.A.T.S (Crash Arena Turbo Stars).”

“Favorite food?”

“Pizza or burgers.”

“And what’s the all-time weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?”

“Definitely chicken liver. I even wrote a song about it.”

“Of course you did… Do you have any pets?”

“Not in this house. Our landlady doesn’t allow them. We did have a dog named Chello in another country we lived in before moving to Turkey.”

“Sounds like a great dog! Anyway, who is someone you want to be like?”

“I guess… my Uncle Jerry. He’s really nice, and he likes burgers. He once got second place in a hamburger eating contest.”

“Cool! Now before we wrap up, what’s your favorite bible verse and why?”

“It’s probably Psalm 121: 1-2. It’s one of the first ones I memorized, and I just really like the meaning.”

“Great! Last question: What’s your favorite song that you’ve made yourself?”

“Hmm… It changes a lot, but right now it’s probably ‘Chili Peppers,’ a song I made with Micah.”

“Sweet! That about wraps it up. Any closing thoughts?”

“I like cheese,” he said simply as he put the finishing touches onto his new track.

“Well, I guess that’s it. Thanks for helping me out, David!”

“No problem,” David said. He hit play and a strange, funky tune began playing.

As ridiculous lyrics began swirling through his head, Joshua quietly made his exit, a strange smirk on his face.


[Author’s note: Due to security reasons, the usual picture of the spotlighted student has been replaced with an image of an adorable kitten.]

Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash


  1. OliverMunzer/omunzer

    XD, cool

  2. Joshua Wideman

    Yay it finally got posted! Enjoy y’all.

  3. another great one joshua! tho i think we’re all sus of the cloaks where abouts xD And for those of u who didn’t know, david’s voice is amazing when he’s not doing crazy songs (tho im not saying its bad then xD).

  4. hahaha this was hilariouss

    great job josh and david!

  5. *cracks up* adorable kittens indeed

  6. Remember me from WF6?

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