Special Announcement: TPS T-Shirt Design Contest!

Hello everyone! 

clay is a great launch pad for creative projects that build the TPS community. As Senior Editors, we love to produce new installations, ideas, and styles for the ezine. Two years ago, clay launched the GP7 Music Competition, allowing us a break from the amazing pre-class elevator music that made us want to pull out our hair. Though, honestly, we love to listen to the truly wonderful compositions written by TPS’s own student population. We love watching talented TPSers create in contests like this, which is why we’re so excited to announce TPS’s very first t-shirt design contest! 

We know there are so many talented graphic designers and artists within our community, and we would really love to give you the opportunity to design a t-shirt specifically for clay. So dazzle us with your amazing artistic skills for a chance for your design to be featured in TPS’s spring t-shirt sale! 

We know your hands are already hovering over your keyboard ready to ask a wide variety of important questions, so we have included a list of rules and specifications below. However, if you have any more questions that we fail to touch on below, fire away! We’d love to answer them for you. 


Rules and Specifications:

Submissions should be high resolution ten by ten inch files for printing on the front center of the shirt or four by four inch files for printing below the shoulder where a pocket would be located (there will be no pocket on the t-shirt). File size should not exceed twenty-five megabytes. Acceptable file types are .jpg, jpeg, png, or pdf. Applicants should retain their original design in an editable fashion, in case changes are needed.

Ideally, the design should use only one color (a maximum of two colors is allowed) and must have a transparent background. Any color may be selected. If the designer can provide the PMS code for the color(s) used, more precision can be attained when printing. 

The design will be printed on a Gildan cotton unisex t-shirt (available t-shirt colors for the background can be found here: https://www.blankapparel.com/colorcharts/gildan). Please specify if you would like your design to appear on a shirt of a particular color. 

You may incorporate a screenshot of the TPS/clay Logo into your design, as long as it is in a single color. TPS will provide the contest finalists with a logo file in the appropriate size/color for their design before the final entries are posted for voting.

PLEASE NOTE: All designs should be completely original to you or compiled from components that are clearly in the public domain and allowed to be reproduced (ex. Clipart components). Submissions that do not meet these specifications will not be considered. Furthermore, we will only accept ONE submission per person.

All designs must be submitted by February 26th. Any submitted past the deadline will not be considered. The best four to six designs will be posted on clay where TPS students can vote on their favorite. The winner will be announced in late March.

A link to the application can be found here.

There you go! These are all the details you need to know. Again, if you have any questions, please let us know. We’re more than happy to answer them. Please spread the word! We’d really love to make this a big event. Finally, we wish you all the best of luck with your T-shirt designs! 


Jenna Koo and Madison Asher

clay Senior Editors 2020-2021


  1. OliverMunzer/omunzer

    this looks really interesting!!! i am not an artist so my one will look like a dogs breakfast. -grin-

  2. Chris Starcher

    Is there a program where we can edit it? If so is it included in the article?

    • oouuu you’re gonna do one? Good luck!! Can’t wait to see it🙃

    • Madison Asher

      Thanks for your question! You’re welcome to use whatever program you prefer to create your design, as long as you are able to submit it in one of the file formats specified above. TPS is not able to provide contest applicants with a specific design program.

  3. Anthony Collazo

    I submitted mine!! Good luck to everyone!

  4. Wow! I wonder how this is going to go, I have seen many talented artists on forums so this will be an interesting way to go 😀

  5. I have a question, so should we submit something like a picture of a T-shirt design with the TPS logo on it? and do we have to include other designs (for example stripes, etc) ? is it just like a T-shirt with the TPS logo and other patterns on it? thanks!

    • A picture of a design would work perfectly! You’re welcome to get as creative as you wish, adding any other artistic designs that you wish (unicorns eating hamburgers and dancing on rainbows is an idea… Or fish-heads!!). However, the base of the shirt should only be a single color, so stripes would not work. Please let us know if you have any more questions!

  6. Cool! I might try out…

  7. I am totally entering, this looks like so much fun!

    • I actually have a question, I designed mine and the download file is 1556×2000 px. The smallest I could make it, with the program that I used, was about 750 px. Is that size ok?? My design has a print on the top center and then words along the back of the shirt.

      • OliverMunzer/omunzer

        oh, good luck!

      • You might want to simplify your design if your file is still too big. Check to see how many megabytes (MB) your design is.
        As a note, I don’t believe we accept designs on the back of the shirt. I would recommend redesigning and placing it at the front;)
        Please let us know if you have any more questions!

  8. How do you submit an entry?

  9. Just Submitted mine! I hope it’s ok I submitted 2 one was all black and the other all white, they are the exact same design though.

    • Madison Asher

      Thanks for letting us know! Sorry to have missed your comment, but clarified over email. No worries at all!

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