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Open Mic: Tales of a Two Year Old by Grace Wagner

Note: All real names of the individuals here mentioned have been replaced with other names for security reasons.


A silence swept through the house. With a toddler on the loose, that was never a good sign. However, being the absent-minded person that I was, I took the silence as a well-deserved break from the constant babbling and questioning. Kicking up my feet onto the sofa, I lay down for a bit to rest my eyes. Little did I know what was happening in the depths below in the basement. Undaunted by the lack of light, my little sister, Alethia, was quietly advancing down the steep staircase to our basement. Having rummaged through a variety of miscellaneous items, she emerged from the basement triumphantly carrying two Halloween goody bags that were put aside into quarantine! Trekking into the kitchen, she then proceeded to cut the bags open with scissors and empty them of their delectable contents. Mom found her several minutes later happily sitting on the floor of the kitchen with a Kit Kat in hand on a throne of plastic candy wrappers. How she knew where to find those treasure chests remains a mystery to this very day.

As the days turned into weeks, the birthday of Marie, my other sister, rounded the corner, and she decided to make a geode cake for her birthday, using edible gold dust and rock candy. After completing her task, she left the edible gold dust glitter on the counter and fled the room to attend her Zoom meeting, while the rest of us cleaned up our lunch for the day. As we washed the dishes and cleared the table, several cries of horror and delight arose throughout the house.

“Alethia has unscrewed the container of gold dust! Alethia is covered in gold dust!” my siblings joyfully screamed.

“All hands on deck!” my mother spoke, quickly recovering from the shocking sight and regaining her position of authority.

Alethia, overcome with delight at the glitter powder spreading rapidly over her hands and the kitchen, laughed gleefully and, clapping her hands together, sent a swirling cloud of gold dust into the air. We quickly assessed the situation and realized that Alethia was like King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold. As Mom went to get some paper towels to wipe up our now-gold-countertop, Alethia climbed down from her chair and ran right past her giggling older siblings with one goal: to race upstairs.

“Catch her, catch her!” my younger brother, Luke, screamed as a gold-covered Alethia sped past. Alethia raced upstairs and burst into my sister’s Zoom meeting, laughing wildly.

“What happened?” Marie questioned, aghast at the sight.

“She got into your gold dust,” Luke explained, failing miserably to hide his joy.

“Oh my!” Marie responded.

In that instant, the door flew open with a bang, and my mother rushed in, quickly taking control of the situation and whisking Alethia off to her dreaded fate: a bath. Half an hour later, Alethia emerged from her bath, wet and happy, but still with gold dust in her hair and a shimmery cloud surrounding her. As my Dad came home from work that evening, he joked that she was like PigPen from Charlie Brown except with a gold dust cloud releasing into the air around her. To this day, if the light shines through the window at the right angle, one may notice delicate specks of gold swirling around in the air, and one may recall that fateful day of Alethia’s gold dust adventure.


Photo Credit: Grace Wagner


Meet the Author

How many years have you been with TPS?

This is my second year with TPS!

What are some of your hobbies?

I love reading, writing, corresponding with my various pen pals, playing piano, cooking, paddle boarding, and mountain biking. I’m also a part of an international folk dance troupe at my church where we perform dances from around the world.

What classes are you taking with TPS?

I am taking French 2 Language and Culture #3 with Mme. S!

What is your favorite thing about writing?

I love writing for God’s glory and bringing joy to other people through my work.


  1. OliverMunzer/omunzer

    oh oh…. gold dust…

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  8. lol is the pic on the top from when it happened or did you find this online?

  9. Haha, yes it was quite the memorable experience. @ Emma Martin
    The picture is indeed from when it happened, I took it myself. @ Berry
    I’m so glad ya’ll enjoyed it. XD @ everyone

  10. Ohh no Grace XDD That is so funny!

  11. xD this is amazing!! Two-year-olds can certainly be (how to say it lightly…?) destructive, in certain ways. I myself was a horrible little sister (I sat on a lego set that my brothers had spent days on, and I smeared an entire tube of lipstick on my mom’s white bathroom) xDDD and probably would have done something very similar if I didn’t have four people keeping a VERY close eye on me xDD
    You did fabulous on this!! Gj!! Keep writing more!!!