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Open Mic: Two Fleeting Thoughts by Abigail Kusuma

Never We Stop


Never we stop and see

The curious simplicity

Of the child’s bright, quick mind

Where all the questions we can find.


Pest, fly and tattler we call them,

Disturber of peace, the hinderance of fame.

Yet never we stop to listen, not even to rest,

To their excited chatter, full of interest.


For, don’t we see? The fullness

Of life itself is totally endless,

And these young will tell us,

That our worry we had not to Jesus cast.


Through their childlike faith of wonder,

And wide-eyed awe in a cluster

Of pretty things alike,

Oh, why never we stop and the beauty around to take!



The smallest snowflake, intricate charm,

By us, the clumsy giants, harm.

But the little ones, they stoop and gaze

At the delicate thing, with much amaze.


And what do we do,

But chide them on to go,

When this the beauty before our eyes

Wait evermore for us to see, there lies.


Stop the explanations, wide,

And keep all simplicity aright,

For sometimes we must admit,

We are the cause to which the child ignores the bits.


Of wonderment, all there to see,

To touch and smell, to listen free,

Yet never we stop the noisy flow ever new,

But, now shouldn’t we go, the small to do?

After the Rain

After the rain,

Everything is so wonderful-

The streets are sparkling with teary water,

The sun creeps up like a child that has done fool,

The worms and garden snails begin to muster

And the birds begin to sing with joyous thrill,

With beetles small that crawl with glee.

And all this watched I at the windowsill,

Thinking of all the sights right now I see,

And saw the gleaming, happy child

With tear-stained eyes and runny nose,

But with sparkly shine with smile so mild,

Mouth parted wide to meet the cheeks of rose,

For her tiny, simple life is content

With that one piece of sweet, sweet candy

That she had sorrowfully begged till end,

She was given it, and so was merry-

The way everything is so wonderful

After the rain.


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Meet the Author

How old are you?

I am fourteen years old.

Where do you live?

I live in Singapore.

What classes are you taking with TPS?

I am currently only taking English 3 Lit Analysis and Comp with Mrs. Yagel.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

Writing is an amazing means of connecting to others, and through this aspect, I can pen my ideas, problems, emotions, stories, or anything else. I especially like writing because I can carefully combine words together so that they can be a positive impact to people around me.


  1. OliverMunzer/omunzer

    awesome job!!! <<<3

  2. these are absolutely beatiful! <3

  3. Great job Abigail!!!

  4. Whoa, these poems are amazing! I love how you capture the innocence of children so clearly!

  5. Oh WOW Abi!! These poems are amazing! You are truly an incredible writer! I love how you painted a picture of the children’s innocence with words!

  6. Yay!! You are amazing, Abi! I love being in English with you, and this is incredible! I loved reading your work! <3

  7. Love it Abby!!! You did ittt -smiless- <33
    Children are beautiful in their own innocent sweet way