Girls’ Spotlight: Millie Jeske

“Hello!” I call out to the newcomer as she slips into the room. “Have a seat! Sorry – don’t mind me,” I add, slightly flustered, as I quickly gather up loose sheets of paper from the table. “Sorry again. Not exactly the most organized of people.” I pull out the file I need for today and set it on the table and look up with a smile. “Well. Millie Jeske, aged 17, and a senior, I see. Ready to begin?”

She nods.

“Alright! First question. Where do you live?”

“I live in Tyler, Texas, about 2 hours from Dallas.”

“Nice! I have friends in Dallas. How many siblings do you have?”

“Oh, I have four siblings. Abbey, who is 29, Walker, who is 27, Martha, who is 24, and Ginnie, who is 22.”

“Ah, nice! Any pets?”

“I have a lot of pets. We have one dog named Patch, four cats, Smokey, Saffy, Dewey, and Holly Holstei (she looks like a Holstein cow), and two chickens.”

“Aw, that’s nice. What’s your personality type, if you know it? And actually, what are three words you could describe yourself with?”

“I’m an ESFJ. And, um, that one is hard, but I would say joyful, encouraging, and fun.”

“What are your… flaws and strong points?”

“I’m really encouraging and inventive. I can be quick to speak and slow to listen and a little impatient.”

“What classes are you taking with TPS this year?”

“I am taking… Spanish 3 with Señor Poortenga and Children’s Literature Analysis with Mrs. Thomas.”

“I hear they’re great teachers. Ah.. what are your favorites of any sort? I like to leave this open-ended, so you can answer with what you’d like.”

Millie considers this for a moment. “Hmm.. My favorite books are either the Giver quartet or the Voice in the Wind trilogy.”

Here, I add a note to my files – the former books were written by Lois Lowry and the latter by Francine Rivers.

She continues, “My favorite foods are the vegetable enchiladas that my mom makes. My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper or apple juice. My favorite color is robin’s egg blue. My favorite class is Spanish 3. I love the singers Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Joshua Bassett, Harry Styles, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, and the band NEEDTOBREATHE.  My favorite songs are ‘You Belong with Me’ by Taylor Swift, ‘Canvas and the Clay’ by Pat Barret, and ‘Cuando Me Enamoro’ by Andrea Bocelli.” She pauses and laughs. “I have… a lot of favorites.”

“That’s good! Hmm… what’s something that’s not obvious about you? Or a hidden talent you have?”

She hesitates before replying. “I have a nephew that just turned 2 and another one on the way. I love hiking and being outside. And, uh, as for hidden talents… I can sing pretty well and even had a solo in my choir. I can also read, like, two books in a day.”

“That is impressive! I’m generally in awe of singers. What is your biggest accomplishment… or something that you’re known for?”

“I’d say my biggest accomplishment is getting done with all my college applications and the SAT. It feels so good to be done with that stuff and just enjoy senior year. And something that I’m actually known for in TPS is mashing names in my Spanish class and forming the Rabbits in Government and Economics with Mr. Mailand last year. I think the picture that I drew of my classmates as rabbits circulated in all of Mr. Mailand’s classes.”

I sit up straighter, very intrigued. “So that’s why your name sounded familiar! My AP World History class had an absolute blast over that drawing last year.” She laughs as I pull out another sheet of paper. “What are your hobbies?”

“Hmm… reading, singing, biking, playing volleyball, sketching, writing poetry, and photography.”

“Sounds very idyllic. What are your goals for the future?”

“Well, I’d actually like to be an elementary school teacher with a minor in Spanish and also to become a better photographer.”

“Kudos to you for that. Have you travelled anywhere?”

“I have never been out of the country, but I have driven through or to 44 states.”

“Impressive. Ooh. Do you, well, have any embarrassing memories you wouldn’t mind sharing?” I grin.

She raises an eyebrow and thinks. “Oh. When I was little, I made a ‘Marry Files’ where I put all of the names of boys I had crushes on, and I guess thought I could marry.”

I laugh. “That’s… amazing. Oh! Do you have any advice you would have liked to give your younger self?”

She contemplates the question. “Trust in the Lord, and He will do all things for your good. Be confident in who God made you to be. Also, just have fun and find friends who are like-minded. Popularity isn’t everything.”

I nod. “That is good advice. Here’s actually a special question for you – since it’s going to be Christmas this month, what is a Christmas tradition of your family’s?”

“We have a neighborhood that has Christmas Trees made out of Christmas lights, and every year we count the Christmas Trees and get Starbucks. Also, we have a hayride every year. We have, like, 100 people over, my dad gets a trailer and attaches it to his truck, we put hay bales on the trailer, and then ride around our neighborhood, ringing people’s doorbells and singing carols to them. It’s kind of funny because we live in the city, and my dad has to pull out on one of the main roads to get back to our house.”

“That sounds so fun! Anything random you’d like to add for the benefit of our readers?”

“I love hammocking and reading in a hammock. I still don’t understand why hammocks say you can only hang them 3 feet above the ground. I never follow that rule!”

“I’d love to have a hammock. Okay, to wrap this up – what’s your favorite Bible verse?”

“Ooh, it’s Jeremiah 29:11 – ‘“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”’”

“Thank you,” I say.













  1. Aw, this was such a fun read!
    Great job answering, Millie, and awesome job writing, Christine!

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