1. ????????????lol these are hilarious

  2. OliverMunzer/omunzer

    LOL ????????????????

  3. rebeckbeckfunfuncakecake

    haha i love these 😀

  4. “I wasn’t aware that that much stuff existed, much less that you wanted it.” XDXD LEL THIS IS AMAZING!!!

  5. I love the Christmas decorations in the back ????

  6. Wow Mark’s book is indeed humongous

  7. This is awesome! You are so talented. Keep up the good work!

  8. XD These are awesome!

  9. bahahahhahahahahahahhahaha yeeeeessss???????????? i’m ded rn lolz???????????????? can’t wait to see moreeeeee rofl

  10. good job! These are hilarious 🙂

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  12. Great job dude! I love these!

  13. Thanks for all the really nice comments! Hope you have a merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate. ^-^

  14. lol This is hilarious XD

  15. LOLOL good job!

  16. Lol! Great Job!

  17. Your comics is great, I like it very much!

  18. ???? Great job Rob!

  19. I mean, of course we are going to get a lot of Christmas presents this year… right?

  20. Oof…these are hilarious…unfortunately, I am the opposite of Matthew when it comes to Christmas lists…or maybe that’s fortunate!

  21. Omword, these are hilarious! -cracks up-

  22. This is so funny!

  23. Good job! This is hilarious!

    Ho Ho Ho! Put your money in the bag! XD

  24. Daisy Pipit Page????


  25. Question to everyone, do you think this would work with LEGO Friends?