1. omhc love these xD

  2. Gr8 job Rob!

  3. Aeowyn/lruch

    AH this is SO funny!

  4. Ahhhh that lever XDXD. Well, the creep watching him won’t be able to see him anymore!

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂
    beautiful *wipes tear*

  6. 👀i love the first one xDDDDD

  7. Very clever and funny, my former classmate XD.

  8. Snickerdoodles, these comics get better every time XD the lever one I can totally see happening to many people I know too lol

  9. I just realized that his shirt in the second one has a banana peel on it…XD

  10. Joshua Wideman

    XD amazing job! These are always so funny :-).

  11. lol funny……………………….ha ha ha ha …………so funny.

  12. LOL Indeed Very Funny

  13. OliverMunzer/omunzer


  14. Lol great as always. Good job Rob!

  15. Charles Kersten

    LOL That first one is SPECTACULAR! 😂🤣 So good! XD

  16. the last one is hilarious! Awesome work! 🤣🤣🤣

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