1. omhc love these xD

  2. Gr8 job Rob!

  3. AH this is SO funny!

  4. Ahhhh that lever XDXD. Well, the creep watching him won’t be able to see him anymore!

  5. ????????????????????
    beautiful *wipes tear*

  6. ????i love the first one xDDDDD

  7. Very clever and funny, my former classmate XD.

  8. Snickerdoodles, these comics get better every time XD the lever one I can totally see happening to many people I know too lol

  9. I just realized that his shirt in the second one has a banana peel on it…XD

  10. XD amazing job! These are always so funny :-).

  11. lol funny……………………….ha ha ha ha …………so funny.

  12. LOL Indeed Very Funny

  13. OliverMunzer/omunzer


  14. Lol great as always. Good job Rob!

  15. LOL That first one is SPECTACULAR! ???????? So good! XD

  16. the last one is hilarious! Awesome work! ????????????