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Pan-Fried Chinese Dumplings

Crisp, juicy and also fun to make, these pan-fried dumplings provide the prefect dinner for family and friends! Each little wrapped meat makes your mouth water at every bite, and the pretty wave on their tops make them just as beautiful as they taste. Carefully wrapping and folding the dumplings is fun, yet it does take time. Making it into a family project, though, helps the time to fly by. To flavor the meat, several sauces, including Chinese cooking wine and oyster sauce, are mixed in. Any Asian grocery store should have these ingredients. Let’s get cooking!


1 ½ lb. any ground meat

¾ lb. finely chopped napa cabbage

1 egg

2 Tbs sesame oil

1 tsp bouillon

2 tsp crushed garlic

1 Tbs oyster sauce

2 Tbs Chinese cooking wine

Dash of white pepper

1 ½ packs of dumping wrappers



In a large bowl, mix together all of the ingredients except the dumpling skins, and fill a bowl with water. Take a wrapper and place a large teaspoon of the mixture into the middle. Then dip your finger in the water and draw a half circle around the edge of the wrapper.

Next, fold the dumpling in half and pinch the middles together, but don’t seal the sides.

Starting a centimeter from the center and moving to the right, pull the top layer of the wrapper toward the middle, creating a wave. Pinch it down. Continue doing this until half of the dumpling has been folded. Then starting from the center again, repeat the process, but move to the left this time.

Then heat up a deep, large pan with some oil. Place the dumplings in, about half an inch apart. Pour in enough water to fill the pan up to about a centimeter high and cover it.

Cook them until all the water has evaporated and their bottoms are a golden brown. Remove the dumplings from the pan with a spatula, and make sure not to use tongs or their bottoms will come off.

These dumplings taste great with a bit of soy sauce, and if you don’t have any dumpling wrappers, there are many recipes for homemade ones. Enjoy!


Julie Koo

Photo Credits:

Joie Koo



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    • Hi Daisy! I haven’t tried using an egg substitute or omitting it from the recipe, but you could try not using it. The egg just helps the mixture to stick together better. Hope that helps!