A Conversation with Mrs. Talbert

Meet Mrs. Talbert, a veteran teacher to TPS of nine years. Having more than twenty years of teaching experience both in public schools and homeschool co-ops, Mrs. Talbert teaches English 1: Journeys and Quests, English 2: Mysteries and Missions, and English 1 Grammar Supplement at The Potter’s School. After a short interview in GP7 with her, I had the opportunity to get to know her better. 

Erika: So for the first question, what led you to teach at TPS?

Mrs. Talbert: I had a friend who was teaching at TPS at the time, and he encouraged me to apply since I was a caregiver for my parents. Teaching at TPS allowed me to do what I love while taking care of my parents at the same time. After praying about it, I applied for a position, and very soon, Mr. Gilbert wrote back telling me that TPS had an available role to teach English. 

Erika: Why did you choose to teach?

Mrs. Talbert: Since I was a young child, I had a toy chalkboard and pretended to take roll for my nephews who were my pretend students. In sixth grade, when there was no substitute teacher in class, I would be the teacher. I found teaching fun and desired to teach children how to read. 

Erika: Ah, I used to play pretend school too. I see in your teacher biography that you majored in English Teaching. Why did you choose this particular major?

Mrs. Talbert: I have always loved English, especially the history of words and literature. Before graduating with an English major, I was majoring in German and minoring in English. However, because I enjoyed English so much, I decided to switch my major to English and my minor to German. 

Erika: As an English teacher, do you have a favorite word? 

Mrs. Talbert: Yes, “faith.” In college, I had to pick a word and find out as much as I could about its history. Since this was before the internet, I had to dig through books and journals. I managed to trace this word all the way to the time of the Indo-European language. I was amazed at how this important word to Christianity revolves around history. 

Erika: Indeed, this word has such true meaning to it. Moving on, what are some of your favorite books?

Mrs. Talbert: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. 

Erika: What is your favorite quote?

Mrs. Talbert: “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me” by C.S. Lewis. 

Erika: What is your favorite type of tea?

Mrs. Talbert: PG Tips—it is an English blend. 

Erika: Lovely, I need to try that one day. What is your favorite dessert?

Mrs. Talbert: Chocolate Ice Cream. 

Erika: I see also from your teacher’s biography that you have a dog? What is its breed?

Mrs. Talbert: A collie. 

Erika: Sweet! What do you do in church as a ministry? 

Mrs. Talbert: Our church has a community center which I help out in. I also volunteer by feeding meals and tutoring the impoverished that live in the nearby trailer parks. In the summer, when school’s out, I help out in organizing various activities for them. 

Erika: What are three words that describe you the most?

Mrs. Talbert: Not trying to brag, but I would describe myself as silly, positive, and empathetic. 

Erika: What is one thing you find unique about where you live in Cookeville, Tennessee?

Mrs. Talbert: It would probably be the greenery in the area. There are so many tall trees that when I go someplace else, I tend to miss the green.

Erika: Do you have any memorable experiences while traveling?

Mrs. Talbert: I went to Haiti for a mission trip to help run a medical clinic, and this widened my eyes towards poverty. The people had no safety net other than the church. 

Erika: What is your favorite Bible verse?

Mrs. Talbert: Romans 8:28: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Erika: What encouragement would you give to everyone?

Mrs. Talbert: God is always faithful. I think that this is just something we have to hold on to. 

Erika: Amen, and this brings us to the end of the interview. Thank you so much, Mrs. Talbert, for your willingness to be interviewed for clay. It has been a pleasure to get to know you better. I trust that we will continue to see you teaching at TPS in the years to come!



  1. Great job on the interview Erika! Yesss havn’t we all played school lol.

  2. Love it!! So good to know more about you, Mrs Talbert! If you ever read this, it’s Dorothy from grammar supplement last year! :]
    Awesome job interviewing Mrs Talbert, Erika!

  3. Yay! This was excellent, Erika! Good job!

  4. Mrs. Talbert is the BEST TEACHER EVER!!! She is very funny but most of all encouraging. I will never forget the fun times in that English 1 class 🙂

  5. Great job Erika! Yessss, Mrs. Talbert rocks!

  6. I took one of your classes several years ago, and I have wonderful memories of it. You are a great teacher!

  7. Great Job Erika!!

    Also, Mrs. T, Those words describe you perfectly! I like how you put Silly first xD.

  8. Mrs. T, your my favorite teacher!!!! Thank you for always making my day great!(I’m in your grammar supplement E1 class)
    Erika, great job!!!