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Open Mic: Aspirations from a Marvel Artist by Emmanuel Koh

Disclaimer: This article shall not be trampled on, finger snapped with the Infinity Gauntlet, or shredded in fabric.

Typing in his Hangouts chat box, Eman was challenged to draw the game characters from Among Us in Marvel style. He took on the challenge and succeeded. Instead of drawing just one character, he drew about close to fifty characters! Our news station is reporting live in Singapore!

Reporter: So, Eman, when did you pick up drawing?

Eman: Well, I think it was when I was nine or ten. I told my mom and some family members that I wanted to be an artist.

Reporter: Awesome! Rumour has it that you gave up for one month? Was it one month?

Eman: Yes, the rumor was true. I stalled drawing for almost half a month until I realized I was capable of persevering and progressing.

Reporter: Anyways, how did you picked up your profession as a Marvel artist?

Eman: It started when I watched a professional Marvel artist on YouTube. He is known as James Raiz, TheBoxOfficeArtist. He drew like more than fifty Iron Man suits, one-hundred Captain America uniforms, and more!

Reporter: So after watching, what happened?

Eman: After watching, I grabbed some paper, and just, well, drew out his piece. Please don’t fine me for plagiarizing! It was my way of practicing my ink pen skills.

Reporter: I think I should fine you! Just kidding! That’s not my purpose of this interview.

Eman: Hahaha! So yeah, I practiced till September nineteenth, and that’s when I started to come up with my own original pieces. The first one I did was an ink mural of all the Spider-Man suits from the MCU comics, PS4 game, and the movies.

Reporter: How many suits are there?

Eman: About forty-eight suits in total.

Reporter: Woah. So what’s your latest piece?

Eman: As of now, my latest piece is an ink mural of fifty characters from the popular game, Among Us, which you can see right at the top of the article. However, the characters are not what they look like in the game. Instead of these cute, chubby avatars, I remodified them and drew the characters in Marvel style.

Reporter: Oh my word. That is madness! How long did it take you?

Eman: It took me about eight hours! Hahaha.

Reporter: Woah, you are so dedicated in your profession!

Eman: Yes, I know right? You are meeting a crazy Marvel artist right in your face!

Reporter: I can’t believe my ears.

Eman: It was nothing much. I spread the work in two days so that it was not intense.

Reporter: Well, I think we can stop here now. Mr. Marvel Artist, thank you for sharing! Till then!


Meet the Artist

How old are you? 
I’m 15 and turning 16 soon!
Where do you live?
I live in Singapore.
What classes are you taking this year?
I am taking English 3, Bible Survey, and English Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots.
What is your favorite thing about art? 
My favourite thing about it is that you can challenge yourself. In art, there are no limits. I’m thinking of spoiling my right hand by drawing every card in Clash Royale in full color!


  1. Great Job Eman! I was not sure you could finish all that suits but i was wrong!

  2. niceee

  3. Great job Eman! So you did birds last year and Marvel this year…I wonder what’s next?

  4. That’s cool!

  5. Nice job, Eman!!! I can’t wait to see more of your work soon ????.

    It’s also crazy that you are a Marvel artist!! I’ve only just started watching Marvel for the very first time, but I am really loving it ????

    • Seychelle you’ve just started? YOU WILL LOVE ENDGAME
      I just became a Marvel fan this year and am now up to reading entire Histories of the Marvel Universe, and I am also a huge fan of Eman’s work! Finally, an open mic! Great job!
      P.S. In case Eman reads this, you don’t know me. I’m just a fan from a distance (: Keep drawing!

      • awww thanks so much, you’ll nvr know how much that means to me but thxs anyway, i gotta start on another comission, this time from Sychelle Carter from NZ

    • i just started actually, a few months back during August…overall its so fun

  6. Wowza, this is awesome

  7. Awesome job Eman! ????????

  8. This is super cooooool!! Good job!!!

  9. but what if i DO NOT READ IT???? XD hahaha JOKING!!! i read that Kate, and thanks for supporting me! Never knew i had fans before…..yeah, never gonna stop drawing, trying to get ideas

  10. Wow, this is amazing!! You definitely have so much talent, your artwork is so amazing!! I could never, ever draw anything like that! Great job!!

  11. HAHAHAHAHA Emannual
    that drawing at the top is the one you gave me for my b-day
    it is hung up in my room

  12. Dude your art is amazing I always look at your art on the “share your art” thread on forums and am utterly blown away. Keep up the good work!