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Open Mic: A Collection of Muses by Isabelle Thom

I Go From Moment to Moment 

I go from moment to moment,

Not from bound to bound.

Please, slow down.

I must feel it all,

And it may slaughter me,

But I will come around.

The resurrection extends beyond the line of one man

And draws itself into rebounds and rebounds.



Trust is a small, delicate piece

Of translucent gold,

The color of a beam of light mixed with the liquid leaves

Of a silver maple.


Somehow, in some way,

It is carefully kept and meticulously cherished

Beyond the frame of now and then.


But when it is lost,

There is no regaining it.

There is no replacement for a majesty so fragile and wondrous.

There are no words to mend the rift over the heart,

No sighs to clothe what has been exposed beneath.


And suspicion tears with the tooth of a dagger,

Digging its way straight into the left ventricle

And slowing the confidence that used to be there,

And slowing the gold that used to flow there,

And making the gut long for that everlasting milk and honey

Which has been promised and

Will remain truer than the gift so easily lost.


In the Tomb 

(To be read slowly with a significant pause at each punctuation.) 

Written in the wake of recent deaths and worldwide groaning.


In the tomb, he was dead.


He was dead, in the tomb.


He was cold and lifeless—


They killed him.


He had done nothing wrong.


Their enemies cried out victoriously, when he was in the tomb.


The devil smiled to himself, when he was in the tomb.


All hell laughed, because evil seemed to have won, when


He was dead, in the tomb.




They were angry, when he was in the tomb.


They remembered all of the beautiful words he had spoken,


When he was in the tomb.


They wept and tore their clothes and fled their homes


And hid for their lives,


When he was in the tomb.




They were tired of waiting for the world to change,


For a messiah to deliver,


When he was in the tomb.


And they were utterly astonished


When he left the tomb behind


And walked out alive.


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Meet the Author

How old are you?

I am seventeen.

Where do you live?

I live on the coast of East Africa!

What classes are you taking with TPS?

I am taking Precalculus Honors with Mrs. Crosby and Chemistry with Mr. Riesen. I’m thoroughly enjoying both classes (and my wonderful teachers!) and have a grand old time with my new classmates.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

I love everything about writing. I think there has to be three things at the top of my list. First, I can express deep emotions in a clear, beautiful, mysterious way through writing. It’s a method of better understanding myself and of letting other people into my mind and process. Second, writing (music or poetry) is a vulnerable, honest, child-like way to talk to God, who delights in our coming as children and delights in our creations because He is Creator. Third, writing is a gift we can use to serve the body and lead people to see Christ. It’s amazing that God allows us to minister to people through the things we love.

Check out her music here and her blog here!


  1. woow Isabelle, these are so beautifully written! GJ!

  2. This is really great! I like how it seems to flow even without a heavy structure. I’ve never been particularly good a free verse, but I do enjoy it. It always seems a bit more…free (fp). I don’t quite know how to say that.

    I agree with your thoughts about writing, too. It’s powerful, somewhat sophisticated seeming sometimes, and yet can be so simple, especially poetry. One of my friends once said that the things that look the simplest turn out to be the hardest to do. And writing is both, hard, simple, easy, and effective–What a paradox!


  3. these are beautiful!

  4. I especially loved your poem Trust. These poems are honestly written and beautifully crafted! Thanks for sharing them, Isabelle! Also, thanks for sharing your blog!

  5. I loved the line “Beyond the frame of now and then.” It’s a really creative and unique way to phrase it, but I knew exactly what you meant. Great job, Isabelle!
    By the way, I adore your song This Daily Deliverance, and sometimes I just go back and listen to it while I’m doing homework.

    • Thanks Hadleigh! I love it when multiple people are transported to the same place by a line, so that’s encouraging:) I’m glad the song has been enjoyable to listen to!

  6. I love all of your writings and songs, Isabelle. They’re so powerfully and beautifully written! Thanks for sharing these.

  7. Isabelle, these are beautiful! I love how much meaning you incorporate in so few words! I love the poem about trust!

  8. These are so good!! Great job Isabelle! ????