1. LOL I love how the ant was rofl-ing at the end xD

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA These are amazing

  3. This is simply the most Ant-ertaining thing on clay–I’m always ANT-icipating your comics with ANT-imated expectation. Also, I agree, COOKIEEEEE

  4. LOL!!! Keep writing more PLEASE!!!

  5. Dude this is hilarious.


  7. LOL awesome!!!

  8. OliverMunzer/omunzer

    Keep them pumping out dude! They make my day!!!!

  9. so good!

  10. This is amazing…i have a little ANTipathy for the general tho. You should include ANTelope next time.

  11. These are genius XD

  12. Wow, this is great! -grins- I love the puns xD

  13. irefwdnjgn!!!!! guhijdwfe!! XD

  14. The Cookie one is so hilarious!!!! rofl And I love how the general just gives a sigh at the end xD Great job!

  15. Lol Ian. That is super funny. Great job!

  16. Hahahaaa love the ant puns:)

  17. That first one is me just in math class when Mrs C gives a 123 and for some reason I’m always the only one who gives a wrong answer ;-;

  18. Great job Ian! More more more!

  19. HAHAHHAHA LOL thx so much for these ian XD

  20. Nice job Ian! Keep up the great work!

  21. great job ian h!

  22. Hahaha???? Nice job!!!

  23. Dude, awesome job!

  24. hahahahhahahhaaa this is great!