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Open Mic: One of These Days by Isaac Jo

I somehow got myself into this thing I invented and now call “silent music.” Some might call it poetry. Essentially, it’s writing songs without tunes. The idea is that the tune is supplied by the reader—that each reader creates his or her own unique melody with which to read the song.

This may sound like weird nonsense. However, don’t write this off. Think of it as poetry if you must. Just read it. Before you know it, a rhythm, and maybe, just maybe, a tune, will begin running in your head along with it. You don’t even need to try—it will come naturally and perhaps even unconsciously.

Take from this what you will and look for more. Think about it and try to squeeze all the meaning you can out of it. Guess, conjecture, and ask questions if you need to. Don’t be satisfied to take this, or anything else for that matter, at face value. But remember, whatever tune you make and whatever meaning you find, it is all yours.



One of These Days



One of these days

Maybe we can be alone

Just the two of us, you and me

Not away or on the phone

Face to face sometime, when we’re free


Then maybe we’d finally learn to understand each other

Maybe we’d find we can sing each other’s song

Maybe we’d realize that we can walk this life as brothers

Maybe we’d reveal that we were brothers all along


Maybe we’d discover how to see the world together

Maybe we’d see all this time that we were friends

Maybe we’d decide to stand and fight to make things better

Maybe we’d know there’s light, no matter how it ends


One of these days

Maybe we could find a place

Just where we could see, eye to eye

Heart to heart and face to face

When we could breathe again, to the sky


Then maybe we’d finally learn it was all just a misunderstanding

Maybe we’d fix what nobody wanted to break

Maybe we’d learn to live forgiving, not demanding

Maybe we’d let go of what no one meant to make


Maybe we’d cry with joy because we are forgiven

Maybe we’d weep with sadness for the past

Maybe we’d leave the dark and know the sun has risen

Maybe we’d hold each other’s hand at last


One of these days

Maybe we could meet again

Just so we could speak, stay alive

See each other now and then

Make our friendship new, grow, and thrive


Then maybe we’d burst into life without a word of warning

Maybe we’d hope and never stop to despair

Maybe we’d rise from the depths of night into the morning

Maybe we’d fly together high up in the air


Maybe we’d overcome the wall between our spirits

Maybe we’d dare to look each other in the eyes

Maybe we’d have the courage to face this life, not fear it

Maybe we’d conquer the world and all its lies


One of these days

Maybe we can be alone

Just the two of us, you and me

Not away or on the phone

Face to face sometime, when we’re free


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Meet the Author

How old are you?

I am 15.044 years old.

Where do you live?

I live in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

What classes are you taking with TPS?

I am currently only taking German 1 Language and Culture (Honors) with Frau Young.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

What I love about writing is its power. As demonstrated in the phrase, “the pen is mightier than the sword,” writing can do many things. It can encourage or depress, destroy or rebuild, and inspire or provoke. It is so powerful that many misuse it today with horrible consequences, which has inspired me to strive to write for God’s glory. Words can change a person’s heart, tear down a person’s pride, and do so many other things. They have power to affect not only the reader but also the writer. In my writing journeys, I have learned many things about God, life, and myself. Becoming a writer has changed me so that I can never stop being one. If I try to stop writing, words will clog up my head, flood my concentration, and hammer at my will until I begin writing again. The power of words is unstoppable.


  1. Gj Isaac! This is so nice!

  2. This is beautiful, I love it! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. This is so powerful and moving… I am really struck by your reflection on words having the power to destroy or rebuild. I often apply that verse about the power of the tongue only to my verbal relations with other people, but it’s almost more valid in settings were we share writing with larger groups, whose hearts we don’t know. THAT is why we MUST write for God’s glory, among a million other reasons. Thank you for reminding me of that! And thanks for the honest words you’ve given.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I have realized that so many people throw around words carelessly, especially online, and that everything that we say, verbal or oral, should be thought out for His glory.

      Also, if you want to, put it to a tune! I feel that these kinds of things are even more powerful with music, but somehow I can’t figure that part out. In my head, of course, there is a general tune, but I can’t write it down and make it final because that’s not what other people hear. It would be interesting to see what you hear in your head when you read this!

      • Yeah! When I sung through it a minute ago, it came out as a sort of jazz/gospel freestyle hybrid. I think the words of the repeated parts in particular (One of these days maybe we can be alone, just the two of us, you and me) remind me of spirituals.

        • Very interesting! In my mind it was a solo piano piece in the background. I didn’t have any intention of emitting that vibe, but it’s cool to see what one can do by accident XD. I like seeing what people come up with.


  4. something about this has really hit me, and i don’t quite know how to describe it. but i really love it. i know exactly what you mean when you say you can’t stop writing. i’m the same way. i love the way you said all of this, both the intro and the song itself. you’re a fantastic writer. don’t ever stop.

    • I know, right? It is mystifying how some things just move you, and you don’t quite know why. That happens to me a lot. Thanks for the support!

  5. ey Isaac

    I didn’t realize u were taking German 1, Frau Young is an amazing teacher 🙂

  6. HI ISAAC!!! This is awesome!!!
    Well done, and I look forward to more! (What else do you have up your sleeve?)

  7. As I said above, anyone who wants to can take this and put it to whatever music you hear in your head when you read this. I’d be interested to hear what people come up with–it says a lot about who people are and who I am.

    (Find me on Forums as ijo if you want to talk about that)

  8. Wow, this is such nicely written! I love how you invented this ‘silent music,’ I can definitely tell that it fits the title. Great job, Isaac!

  9. Wow very deep!! AmAzInG!!! 🙂

  10. This is an incredible song, Isaac! The idea of writing tuneless songs really speaks to me (especially since I never learned to write music but I love to make up songs). Is this your idea or did you find it somewhere else?

    • Also, weren’t you the one who wrote the poem on Forums for Neria Zhang? That song was so touching! You definitely have a gift!

    • I came up with idea myself, in a weird way. I used to be part of a band which was supposed to put my songs to music, but it fell apart when some of us got too deep into high school. So, I kind of decided to strike out on my own. I tried and totally failed to write tunes, so I just repurposed them…I do wonder if my friends ever made any recordings.
      Thanks for the support!

      And about that song…that was an excellent example of how fluky my brain is XD. Sometimes I can’t write a song to save my life, and other times it just explodes at the first hint of inspiration. That was one of the second kinds of times.
      It might seem a bit weird to say, but I was writing for myself too. I am far from being selfless, and half the reason I wrote that was because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to do anything else for the rest of the day.
      That probably makes no sense…especially when you consider that no one I know very closely has died…but thanks anyway!

  11. Wow! Well written Isaac! When I read it I had the Thomas and Friends theme song stuck in my head so I read it to that tune… but your song/poem and the catchy/annoying tune did not mix well.😂😂 I read it again and couldn’t come up with a clear tune for the whole poem, but it seemed to me like each stanza had its own feeling and tune.

    • I don’t know that theme song…it’s been too long. That’s funny though!
      And sorry, but I’ve been too busy to get around to sending you pictures. I’ll try to do it sometime soon, but don’t count on anything. Also, you can’t use the design of the remodeled Brick (tentatively named the Deexa or Aadde)

  12. Oh, wonderful job, Isaac!! I can’t really put my finger on what it was exactly, but you’re right, it did bring a tune into my head. 🙂 And I love your meter — it’s perfect… Every line fits, and nothing seems out of place. XD I can’t wait to see more of your work — you definitely have a talent for this!!
    And I can’t stop writing either… XD Even when I’m not actively writing stories, I have plot/character ideas, new titles for unnamed stories and phrasings and messages coming into my head and bothering me ’till I do something with them. I have a pocket in the front of one of my story notebooks filled with little (and big) bits of paper that have random things written on them — all the things I want to remember at some point when I have time to finish putting it all together into my story. XD So the “clogging” part definitely sounds familar…

    • And you said that you would like to know what we heard… 🙂 Like I said, I can’t really place it… I guess there wasn’t really, exactly a background for me. I mostly just heard a solo vocal part — kind of a traditional style, I suppose you could say. But I’ve been listening to Prokovief’s Cinderella ballet music, so that’s kind of what’s stuck in my head — probably part of the reason I didn’t really hear a true background…. Because I was trying to block that particular tune (Cinderella, I mean) out while I was reading. XD If that makes any sense at all!!

    • Thanks for the support! I probably won’t be submitting anything like this in the near future, though.
      I know, right? I have a story I’ve been working on for maybe five years, and only the first 3 chapters are done! And they have gotten and will get some intense revision! But I agree, most of it comes in my head. I started writing 5 years ago, dropped it after a couple months, and just kept thinking about it until a few months ago, when I actually started writing again. My brain just brute-forced all the plot devices I could think of, and now, even though it’s stalled for school, most of the backstory is complete.
      That’s funny! I don’t know the tune though.

      • You’re welcome!! Oh, you should! 🙂 I have a story that I’ll probably submit sometime soon… As soon as I can get my homework under control, I suppose. XD
        Yes!!! I have a story that I started who knows how long ago…. And then it just petered out. I’ll probably go back at some point to revise and finish it… But who knows when. XD So now I’m mostly working on a novel I started last December… But I haven’t actually done much for it since school started — too much going on. :-/ I’m pretty sure I’ll get back to it, though, it’s too much a part of me. 😄 And I think it’s the first story I’ve been able to stick to longer term… My short attention span. XD *shakes head at self* Ooh, yes!! I guess I probably have a lot of backstory and future plot planned out just in my brain too… XD Just waiting for the story to progress along far enough to get to those parts, I guess. 😂
        LOL! It didn’t fit, trust me… XD (The “Cinderella” music, I mean.) Which is probably a big reason that I was trying to block it out, now that I think about it! XD

      • Well, this is practically the only one of its kind that will work here…the other ones either don’t read well, are horribly depressing, or are nightmarishly creepy. Maybe I’ll do a short story sometime XD. Or a quantum physics rant.
        It’s so weird, right? How your brain just can’t let go of things and keeps working on them… even when school interrupts everything.
        Well, it seems that lots of times the music I have in my head is the last thing I want to think about at the moment!

  13. Beautiful, Isaac! The tune sort-of did weave into my mind, but it was one that I’d heard before which just wove into the words :-). Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thank you! Yes, I’ve noticed that lots of times the tunes people (including myself) come up with are ones they know before the just fit somehow.