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Open Mic: Beautiful Child by Dorothy Foo Xiao Hui

Stepping into a world not her own,

Light enfolds her like a blanket,

Leaves twirl and brush her softly,

Wonder sparks in her curious eyes as she turns around, examining where she has landed.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


Running her hands over the shining lights,

Tick a tock and clink they go,

They glow with a certainty she’d never known before,

Blinky warmth stretching into the dark.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


Beauty she’d never seen before,

A lightness and air around her,

Light she’d never seen before,

A kindness and love surrounding her.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


The leaves crunch as she gracefully steps forward,

A crispy smell fills her nostrils,

Of the old to fade,

Of the new to arrive.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


Her footsteps are as light as the wind,

Her body filled with spirit,

Her hair glowing like never before,

Her eyes shining with a foreign emotion.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


What was this?





Where was she?

This wasn’t the woods,

Nor was this her backyard,

Nor the place where evil lurked.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


It didn’t matter;

There was a tugging in her heart,

Her soul,

Her feet that pulled her ahead.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


There was no hesitation in her stride,

No doubt in her

That pulled her back.


She needed to obey that calling.


She knew who was calling her.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


All of her past thrown into the wind,

No longer thundering in her ears,

A certainty that she was forgiven

Of all that evil she’d done.


She closed her eyes and let her feet guide her,

Along the fresh earth,

Above the underground,

And wading through clear streams.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


She knew clearly where she was going,

Yet it was cloudy in her mind,

But she followed the yearning in her soul,

Going where few had gone.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


She had absolute trust in the Holy Spirit,

Who guided,

Who led,

And who whispered advice softly to her.


She trusted him wholly,

He who had stayed with her throughout

Every mountain and challenge 

She had climbed over.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


She opened her eyes,

Her feet coming to a stop,

Gaping at what lay before her,

And what lay beyond.


Stalks of grass tickled her feet,

Flowers danced in the playful breezes,

And rolling downwards was nature far,

Far beyond her vision.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


A strong presence swayed her to her knees,

Bowing her head with awe and wonder,

Her whole being singing with joy

at who stood before her.


His fingers brushed her cheek ever so gently,

Tears splashing onto the ground,

Hands trembling,

With a joy unexplainable.


You are my beautiful child,

A person I made in your mother’s womb,

Perfectly and wonderfully made,

Each detail touched into its right place,

Every little bit of skill and talent I placed into you,

Each hair on your head I counted,

I know exactly what you’ll do,

be it today,

Or tomorrow.

I have calmed you in turmoil,

I have given you peace in the most chaotic times,

I have given you a calm that surpasses all understanding,

I am your safe place.


I am the Alpha and the Omega,

The One who loves you more so than you ever will unto me,

Who has been your shelter in the storm,

The wings you hide under,

Your tower of strength and healer of broken hearts.


Your Heavenly Father,

King of Kings,

Lord of Lords,

The Son of God,

The Holy Spirit,


The Three in One.


Come forth to the Father, beautiful child.


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Meet the Author

How old are you? 
I am fourteen years old.
Where do you live?
I live in Singapore.
What classes are you taking this year?
I will be taking these five classes this semester: Geometry (Honors) with Mr. Manns, English 3 Lit Analysis and Comp with Mrs. Thomas, World Geography for High School with Mrs. Williams, Bible Survey with Mr. Juneman, and Biology (Honors) with Dr. Cronin.
What is your favorite thing about writing? 
My favorite thing about writing is that I can express my feelings freely and in vivid detail. Another thing I love about writing is that I can give a voice to the words that stir in me.


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