CJ Shepherd: Handball, Cow Tongue, and Reptile Homicide

It was finally that time of day. Walking excitedly into his bedroom, CJ Shepherd plopped down onto his bed and pulled out his phone, looking forward to a few hours of texting and listening to music. As the soothing tones of his favorite music filled the room, CJ cranked up the volume and sighed. It doesn’t get much better than this, he thought to himself. A gust of cold air swept into the room from the open window, and he shivered. Without taking his eyes of his phone, CJ reached beside him for his Washington Nationals hoodie. He didn’t even notice that he grabbed a dark cloak instead until it fluttered to life and pulled away from his grasp. Surprised and annoyed at this abnormal interruption of his phone time, CJ simply glared at the cloak. Silence hung over the room for a moment until the cloak spoke.

“Greetings, CJ, it is good to finally make your acquaintance.”

Shrugging as if floating robes were a normal occurrence, CJ responded calmly. “So, you’ve heard of me?”

“Indeed. My superiors have heard many things about you, and they wish to know what is true and what is false.”

“Why not?” CJ replied, returning his attention to his phone. “What do you want to know?”

“Let us begin with the basics. What is your age and grade, where do you live, and who are your siblings?”

“I’m fourteen and in ninth grade, I have two younger brothers, Will and Ben, and I live Southern Russia, though I won’t say where because you already know.”

“Indeed. What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“Absolutely no idea.” A period of silence followed this answer. CJ, who had only looked up from his phone once, continued his texting. At the length, the cloak continued.

“According to my superiors, you are currently enrolled in The Potter’s School. What classes are you taking with them this year? Also, what is your favorite subject in school?”

“My TPS classes are World History and English 3. History is my favorite subject.”

“I see. Now, what are some of your hobbies?”

“I enjoy just sitting here on my bed, texting my friends, and listening to music until someone interrupted me!” CJ paused to glare at the cloak once again before returning his attention to his phone. “I also enjoy playing video games and sports, especially handball. I’m part of a local team, and we play in tournaments. It’s awesome.”

“I’m sure. Now, let’s talk about some of your favorite things. Who is your favorite music artist?”

“Adele, hands down. Her voice is amazing. Nathan Feuerstein is also cool. I like Christian rap and sad music in general, and his music is both.”

“Favorite song?”

“’Someone Like You’ by Adele.”

“Favorite movie?”

Remember the Titans.”

“Favorite book?”

The Hunger Games, but don’t ask me to pick the best one.”

“Favorite game?”

“Definitely handball.”

“Favorite food?”

“The edible kind.” Silence once again reigned in the room. “I’m kidding! It’s chocolate chip cookies.”

“I see. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?”

“That would have to be cow tongue. It’s delicious.”

“Excellent. Do you have any pets?”

“Nope. I am opposed to all pets except maybe dogs, but I live in an apartment, so that wouldn’t work. My family had some turtles, but we had to chuck them in the river later.”

“I see. Now, who would you say is one person you aspire to be like?”

“Uh… my dad, I guess? Where do you get these questions?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Fair enough. Continue.”

“What is your favorite bible verse and why?”

“That would be Psalm 23:4. It’s encouraging to know that you can have the worst times, be in the scariest places, but God is still right there with you.”

“Excellent. Final question: if you were quarantined and had no internet, what would you do?”

“I would sit here and listen to the three songs I have downloaded on my phone. I could go on for days like that.”

“Any closing thoughts?”

“Yeah, tell your superiors that they made the right choice asking to know about me. Their lives will never be the same.”

The cloak said nothing, for another gust of wind came in through the window and carried it away. CJ hardly noticed it was gone.


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