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    So glad to have anthill comics back in business!

  2. LOL this is so great! So glad Anthill Comics are finally back!

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  7. hehehe yuuuuusssss!!!! I love this sooo muuuuuch😂😂
    What if humans got numbers instead of names….. so Adam was 1 Eve was 2 and so on and so on……. that’d be straaaaange🤣

  8. lol That’s funny. GJ Ian.

  9. lol This is great!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. This is incredible! 🙂

  11. Haha, glad to see you’re back for another year!

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    Anthill comics for the win!!!

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  14. Gr8 comic! Supa awesome!

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  16. Dude this is so great keep up the great work Ian

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    sloowly back awayy

  19. ian can i have a cameo one of these days

  20. Gr8 job! This is so good XD

  21. Wow this is so awesome! Great job, Ian!