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Artificial Selection?

Artificial selection. Men took dogs and made them evolve. Just look at the dogs’s variety, more variety than anyone could keep track of. This proves natural selection and Darwinism, right? I mean, if men could do such wonders, think about what nature could do!

Unfortunately, there’s a logical break here—a break that can be known as an “unwarranted extrapolation.” This argument is taking a true statement and extrapolating it to conclusions that don’t connect.

True, men have “created” many different species of dogs, but in the end, they’re all still dogs. Never have men made a dog an elephant, and yet Darwinism claims that natural selection can make a single-celled organism into the most sophisticated body, a human being. In other words, this argument claims that micro-evolution proves macro-evolution; that because small changes can be made, massive changes can be made. It’s like saying that because you can put a brick on a block tower, changing it, it proves that you know how to build a completely different tower.

There’s another problem with this argument, and that’s with its name. “Artificial” selection. What’s that supposed to mean, “fake” selection? Obviously not, or that would defeat the whole argument. In fact, it’s probable that “artificial” is just a cover-up for “intelligent” selection. We already know that intelligent selection exists because we’re humans. And how could and intelligent, thoughtful process correlate to a completely random process, much less prove it? It doesn’t work.

What about the fact that natural selection does occur? Take the Galapagos finches; their beaks changed, they evolved. Again, this is a case of extrapolation in order to prove macro-evolution using micro-evolution. You can’t use the slight change of beak size to justify the enormous difference of species change. Even with the finches, they did not evolve into different organisms; they were always finches. They already had beaks; they didn’t evolve and lose their beaks. Now that would be a huge change and would warrant a larger extrapolation, but you can’t logically use micro-evolution to prove macro-evolution.

In fact, Christians do believe in intelligent selection. The intelligence behind it all is God. He created us all. That’s a lot easier to believe than random chance. The Bible says that we are created in the image of God and one of the aspects of God is creation. Thus, as humans, we can make small changes to the world, just as God made significant changes to the universe. But notice that in this case, the considerable action of God is proving the small action of ourselves. What if I had said because men create stuff that proves that God created us? That would be an extrapolation. Thankfully, we don’t have to use that reasoning, and I’ll explain why in future articles.

I like the God idea a lot better than “artificial selection.” Don’t you?


  1. Very good article! Yes, God is so much better than the idea of artificial selection 😄😄. Great job, Josiah!!!!!

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  6. Ayy, Josiah!! This was wonderfully written, and yes, I much rather prefer being called creation of God, in his image, rather than “artificial selection.”

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  9. Yes Josiah!!! Awesome job!! I didn’t even know artificial selection was a thing… I thought natural selection was the big deal LOL.

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  11. Yes. I definitely prefer God.
    And yes I love LOTR too.
    Very good. You have very good points, and I agree. Bravo Josiah!
    One thing I have asked of the L-RD, that I will seek after, That I may dwell in the house of the L-RD all the days of my life, To see the L-RD’s beauty, And to inquire in His temple. Psalm 27:4