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Meet the Senior Editors: Madison Asher and Jenna Koo

Meet clay‘s Senior Editors for 2020-2021!

Madison Asher: 


Residing in Mid-Michigan, seventeen-year-old Madison is entering her third year at TPS and clay as a high school senior. After working as clay‘s book review columnist and Spotlight editor, she looks forward to serving as Senior Editor this year due to the opportunity the role offers to interact with all of clay’s exciting content behind the scenes, while helping columnists and editors to use their unique skills to bring clay to life. During her downtime, she enjoys hiking, biking, listening to music, playing the piano, drawing, painting, reading Russian literature and dystopian novels, napping with her dog, and going for long drives. You can often find her watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, perfecting her Spotify playlists, drinking coffee, and eagerly describing her favorite podcasts to her friends (much to their amusement and chagrin).

This year, she is taking Russian 3 and AP Economics at TPS. In the future, she hopes to find a career that matches her love to travel, write, problem solve, and be creative. She also includes living in the mountains with a dog or two on her list of future plans. Her favorite Bible passages include John 15:18-19 and Psalm 8. John 15:18-19 reads, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” These two verses encourage her on a tough day, reminding her of God’s majesty, love, and perfect plan. 

When asked for piece of advice she would offer current students, Madison replied, “Leave your room, drink a glass of water, and step outside to look at the sky for a minute. I promise you’ll feel a little better equipped to finish your assignments, and if nothing else, remember that life after your research paper does exist. Don’t burn your old homework in a fire pit, something that I’m guilty of, believe it or not,” a solid recommendation on her part. She’s excited to help clay have another fantastic year!

Jenna Koo:

[She’s on the far right]

Meet Jenna, a seventeen-year-old TPS veteran who lives in Orlando, Florida, nearby major theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios. She’s entering her seventh year at TPS, taking College American Lit, AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Psychology, and a one semester Economics course  this year.

As Senior Editor, she looks forward to getting to know the TPS community even better. She believes that teachers often learn more from their students than their students learn from them and applies this analogy to Senior Editors who learn from the rest of clay’s staff. She looks forward to developing stronger leadership skills and learning more about her clay team. Along these lines, she’s always happy to receive photos of people’s pets or links to their favorite songs. She’d love to see and hear them! 

An avid music lover, Jenna has eight years of violin and piano experience under her belt, and she also enjoys composing music. Her perfect day would involve playing in an orchestra conducted by John Williams, or simply reading and enjoying music all day without the thought of a test looming over her head. Her book of choice? A Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings novel or possibly The Hiding Place. According to a Harry Potter character quiz, she relates to Harry Potter and Dumbledore the most, but she also admits that her tendency to “lose” objects that are actually on her body makes her a little like Neville Longbottom. 

In the future, Jenna hopes to attend a Florida school close to home and pursue a career that combines medicine and theology. Looking to the past, she advises her ten-year-old self to get some good sleep (it will soon be in short supply) and to stop flopping on the ground like a fish every time she has to play the violin. It will eventually pay off when she has the opportunity to play violin with the Piano Guys on stage and enjoy the instrument so much she quits piano. She advises her fellow TPS students to be wise, to work hard, and to not give up because life isn’t just about the score students might receive on a paper or test. It’s about living a life for God. And as such, her favorite Bible verse is Romans 14:8, which states, “For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.” We can’t wait to watch Jenna lead clay this year!

To continue a tradition formed a few years ago by clay’s former Senior Editors, we asked our Section Editors to think up interesting, insightful, or just plain silly questions to help you get to know us a little better.

Mari Stanton, Theology and Worldview Editor: If you could pack up and move anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you pick? And what are the top items on your bucket list?

Jenna: I would go to Africa for sure. I would definitely pack my Bible and other basic essentials, but I would also pack my violin, a camera, a computer, and the all-important gummy bears.

[Note: My apologies Mari. Tired me thought “bucket list” said “packing list.” So going skydiving would definitely be on my bucket list]

Madison: In an ideal world, I would choose Scotland or New Zealand for their beautiful mountains. I don’t keep a bucket list, but trying legitimate rock climbing and attending a twenty one pilots concert would probably make the list.


Christine Lyford, Humor Editor: What food would you find most impossibly revolting to find in front of you, and what would it take to get you to eat it?

Jenna: I’ve literally watched people eat cockroaches before. Um… I don’t think that will ever be on my bucket list. And it would take just about every delicious Gordon Ramsay meal for me to eat one. 

Madison: Casu marzu, a Sardinian sheep milk cheese filled with live maggots, first comes to mind. I would eat it in a life and death situation or if I was guaranteed a lifetime’s supply of free, front row concert tickets to every artist of my choice. Otherwise, it’s a no from me.


Laura Cervantez, Arts and Culture Editor: If you had the chance to land on and explore any planet (let’s say that Pluto counts), without the challenges a human in space would normally face, which planet would you choose?

Jenna: Wouldn’t it be cool to be a martian? Unfortunately, the only planet I can think of at the moment that I can actually stand on is Mars. So, I think I would say Mars just because it’s cool and very big… and red. 

Madison: I would choose Neptune, because I love the idea of being the first human to physically travel so far away from Earth.


Julia Holmgren, Arts and Culture Editor: If you were stuck in a swamp and had to sing a song to scare off the mosquitos, what song would it be?

Jenna: It would preferably be something that is within my limited vocal range or I might just scare more than mosquitos… Though thinking about it, perhaps some bad singing would scare those pesky insects even more. 

Madison: “Hello, Goodbye” by The Beatles or “Kitchen Sink” by twenty one pilots both seem like good options, the latter because it conveniently repeats the lyric “Leave me alone.”


Dianna Pledger, Spotlight Editor: What would you do if you saw a stampede of elephants running down your street?

Jenna: I would probably scream, move aside, and then ask if one would pose for me for one viral photo.

Madison: First, I would make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Second, I would make sure my little sister and dog were not about to be trampled to death. Third, I would naturally pull out my phone to capture what would become a viral YouTube video, at least for an hour.


  1. yeye really excited for this year!

  2. @ Madison OOOH Kitchen Sink is one of their unsung masterpieces. I spent over and month and almost $35 tracking down a special edition Vessel that had it. Have you listened to Regional at Best?

    • wow, I’m pretty impressed that you found a copy! I have listened to Regional at Best (Trees is another favorite of mine) and I wish people had better access to it.

      • Have you ever listened to Ruby? it’s one of the harder-to-find Regional At Best tracks. A couple weeks after I found a high-quality version on YouTube, it was taken down for copyright reasons. (Why, Fueled by Ramen, Why!?)
        The special edition vessel I have came from Amazon UK. I took a gamble on a used one, and it worked out great.
        Bonus tracks: Kitchen Sink, Forest, Glowing Eyes, Lovely.

        • Oh whoops… the link activated itself… Can someone remove previous comment? I don’t think we’re supposed to link to external sites.

        • I love Ruby too! One of my best friends has a record player and found a full copy of RAB on vinyl. YouTube clips of the album definitely used to be a lot easier to find, although I think you can still pull up songs like Forest and Kitchen Sink if you try. The sound quality might be a little iffy unfortunately.

  3. AHH I’m so excited! It’s great to see so many fellow music/composition lovers as well! This will be a good year:)

  4. Great job, Madison and Jenna, and we are looking forward to have you as our senior editors this year!!! ????

    (P.S. New Zealand is awesome!!!)

  5. Looking forward to a great year! You guys will make great dictators xDD

  6. This is gonna be a fun year =)

  7. This is going to be a great year at TPS!! Good luck, Madison and Jenna! We’ll be looking forward to seeing what your dictatorship will bring ????

  8. I’m excited to write for clay this year, and have you guys as Senior Editors!! :]

  9. This year at clay is sure to be interesting, especially with a new column or two! As for you dictators…well, I hope we can redefine “dictator” sometime.
    I wonder what your April plans are? Well, be prepared, I have something planned too, and believe me, it’s quite a plan!

  10. So excited for a great year with two amazing Senior Editors!!

  11. Congratulations. You’ll both serve as excellent fascist dictators, until we overthrow you.