Meet the Staff

Meet Sarah Sears: PR Engagement Manager

Sarah Sears is a sixteen-year-old who loves owls, dolphins, and the color blue. Her music choices are fairly diverse, aside from her adversity to country music, and she primarily enjoys listening to Christian rap. Sarah will be starting her junior year of high school, as well as her third year with The Potter’s School and clay. She will be taking Geometry, Children’s Literature, and U.S. History with TPS while also working as clay’s Public Relations Engagement Manager. Sarah hails from the tiny town of Sherman in western New York, as far from New York City as possible while still staying in the state. In terms of family, Sarah’s sandwiched between two brothers as the middle child and owns an adorable dachshund named Latte.

Since Sarah is not a very dressy person, she can be seen on any given day sporting a casual style of jeans and a t-shirt while she’s babysitting, painting, or doing any one of the number of hobbies she enjoys. Because of her love of children, Sarah not only works as a babysitter but also as a counselor at Miracle Mountain Ranch, the location where TPS camp is held.

When Sarah’s not busy and finds some free time on her hands, she enjoys relaxing in her pool, watching Netflix while doing art projects, and digital drawing on her iPad. Sarah’s also an avid reader and enjoys anything by Robin Jones Gunn (one of her favorite authors), the Selection series, and the books #Starstruck, #Moonstruck, and #Awestruck. If Sarah’s going to the movie theatre, she would love to see The Greatest Showman on the big screen and she would not be caught without popcorn in her hand. But popcorn is not the only snack Sarah enjoys; her favorite candies are Sour Skittles, Sweet Tarts, and Starburst. However, she dislikes chocolate and bacon.

Unlike most teenagers, Sarah actually enjoys cleaning. Although she considers herself to be fairly organized, many people view her organization as controlled chaos. When asked what superpower she would like to have, Sarah brilliantly responded with the idea of shape shifting into a fly to become a spy so that she could be “the fly on the wall” for every important conversation.

Sarah is a genuine, bold, and thoughtful young woman who plans to enroll in college after high school and utilize her talents to major in early childhood development. Her favorite Bible verse comes from Psalms 118:14 which reads “The Lord is my strength and my song. He has given me the victory.” This verse encourages Sarah because it made a meaningful impact on her life when she most needed to remember that without God she cannot even fight her worldly battles, let alone win them. But with God, she is always victorious.


  1. This makes me happy =)) hope you have an awesome junior year, Sarah!