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Meet Samuel Kleis: Video Game Columnist

Everyone say hello to Samuel Kleis, clay‘s new Video Game columnist! I was amazed by his answers to my questions and by his accomplishments, as well as his vision.

Samuel is a 17-year-old senior in high school. He will be taking a variety of courses, including College British Literature, AP Psychology, Photoshop, and Government & Economics with TPS. He is determined to get ahead credit-wise, something I deeply admire him for.

Samuel’s interest in clay only deepened that admiration. He said, “I think what I like most about clay is how I see it as this eight-month-long talent show where the staff can freely demonstrate their writing abilities to other people. And it’s genuinely interesting for me to read my fellow staff members’ articles just to see what they put out and how different they all are.” This statement relates to his interest in TPS, where he likes the community’s welcoming environment, something that he had not found in other schools.

He is an avid writer, enjoying anything from an essay to his own stories. Along with that passion for writing, he is always ready to read, watch movies, listen to music, or create digital art, one of his newest passions (and also one of the reasons he has not written much and is ready to get back to it).His favorite book is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, although he chose with difficulty. That reminded me a lot of myself.

This is Samuel’s second year with clay, and I’m sure all of you readers are more than ready to welcome him back. Please look forward to following his exciting new column!


  1. Wait, what? This column exists? Well, this ought to be interesting…especially from the author of the Totally Awesome Photography Advice™!

  2. Awesome job with the article, Josiah

  3. Great to meet you (again) Sam! And great job, Josiah, with the article!

  4. Great article Josiah! Can’t wait to see more from you Samuel! Yuuuss photoshopping class is grreeeaaattt????