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Meet Rob Speed: Creator of Brick Tricks

Meet Rob Speed, one of clay’s humor cartoonists for 2020-2021. This year he is a 16-year-old senior living in Tennessee, with plans to apply to Bryan College this coming year. Over his lifetime, he has lived in Germany, Mississippi, and Japan, moving because of his father’s military job. Of all the places he’s lived, he likes Germany the best, because of its historic places and architecture and its modern cleanliness and order.

This year, he’s taking Marine Biology and College Music Theory at TPS. In his free time, he creates electronic music and comedy sketches while constantly working to refine his style. He recently completed his first-ever public-release song and listed it as one of his proudest accomplishments. He dreams of eventually making a living from producing music, comedy sketches, or a TV show with his sister. To pursue this dream, he plans to study filmography and music at Bryan.

As a music producer, he enjoys listening to music from Madeon, Monstercat, and Porter Robinson.

Even though he admits his dreams are impractical, he is, in reality, quite practical with money. If someone gave him a million dollars, he would save most of it for the future after buying music equipment, donating to charity, and amassing a collection of Lego sets.

This year, he will produce a comic series called “Brick Tricks” with Lego mini figures, an inventive way of taking the drawing out of comic-writing. He had always wanted to try comic writing, but says he was never able to get far because he wasn’t very motivated to draw. He encountered the idea for his current column several years ago in a now-defunct gallery of Lego fan photos and stored it up for the right time. The right time came in 2017 when he applied to clay for the first time, and he has been creating “Brick Tricks” ever since. This will be his 3rd year at clay and sadly, his last.



  1. Wait, what? This column exists? And has for three years? How did I not find this? Well, this ought to be interesting…

  2. Good to have you back, Rob!

  3. Congrats, Rob!

  4. 16 year old senior??! Wow sounds like you’ve lived in a lot of cool places! Glad to have you back on CLAY!