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Meet Noah Sharpe: Cartoonist

Joining clay this year is Noah Sharpe, a fourteen-year-old, Hausa-speaking, soccer-playing, history-and-theology-loving cartoonist. A ninth grader and the oldest of three siblings, Noah hails from Nigeria, where he has been living for the past year. He has actually lived on the continent of Africa for the past 13 years, where his parents have been serving as missionaries. Noah will be taking English at TPS, and as a first-time TPSer, he is very excited. However, his least favorite subject is English. Hopefully, the TPS English experience can help Noah enjoy English more. 

In his free time, Noah likes to draw comics, doodle, and play soccer. As for watching sports, Noah follows both soccer and American football; he follows the English Premier League and La Liga, along with the Washington Football Team (an NFL team that underwent a recent name change). Some of the colleges that grace his first-choice list are William and Mary, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, and Syracuse. One of his goals for the future is to land a job catching terrorists and doing translation abroad for the American government, kind of like a cross between an FBI agent and a diplomat. When asked what was the coolest thing he had ever done, Noah described a trip to Dubai where he got to feed an elephant. However, the elephant got mad at him and then started spitting. Being close to an angry elephant must be quite an experience. 

Noah describes himself as NOT an introvert (he leans towards outspokenness) but not completely an extrovert. He also describes himself as neither a morning person nor a night person; he’s kind of in between. When asked if he would rather mingle with a large group of high schoolers in the middle of a room or stay in a corner by himself, he would choose the corner; however, if they were middle schoolers, he would have no trouble inserting himself into the crowd. Noah has a good relationship with his siblings, although sometimes he doesn’t like his position as the oldest. Why? In his own words “The oldest always has to eat the weird stuff.”

Noah will be filling the role of cartoonist here at clay. His comic strip is titled “The (Awesome) Awkward Days” and will feature 5 or 6 main characters interacting in a middle school/high school setting. He hasn’t given any names for his characters yet, but, as any teenager will know, there are plenty of (awesome) awkward situations for Noah to draw upon and play with. Judging by the subject material, his comic strip has the potential to be delightfully humorous. 

I am honored to have this opportunity to introduce Noah clay readers. Be sure to check out his work! 

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  1. Welcome to TPS and clay, Noah! I’m excited to see your comics!